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the new OC again XD 'lineart' by Kyotita the new OC again XD 'lineart' by Kyotita
All I had on me at the time I drew this picture was line paper so I apologize for its condition (it seems to wrinkle easily). I am going to stick to lineart for the most part on these since they are works in progress and once my skill has improved I will try to color these in, but their is an earlier picture that shows the colors if necessary for visualizing character. This is my so far unnamed OC again, this time laying on a bed with a ceiling view (first time ive ever attempted something like this), and it seems to be pretty good I think seeing my art skills are sub-par at the moment. I can only improve with practice though (which I am doing whenever I can now) but I am working on my art as I had hoped to be able to XD. Thankfully I have an artist I like enough now to have a specific art style to focus on XD. I still have a long ways to go before any of this stuff is really good but it's a start, and not to mention something new heh. I like the character I have here so likely I will focus on trying to improve her (although she will always be slightly chibified since that's how Takehito Harada ,the Disgaea series artist, does his art) until I get her design perfect as possible and then I will hopefully have the skill to make new characters to join her universe, I'm crossing my fingers on this one. Perspective isn't perfect yet but as I said earlier, it's my first time trying it. oh yeah and towards the top the square that spans the page is the back wall of the building with a little of the outside sketched (pond/rocks/grass).

currently unnamed character (c) Paul Montgomery (Kyotita)
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June 9, 2011
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