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XTRW G.D.F Super Weapon by Kyotita XTRW G.D.F Super Weapon by Kyotita
This is for Godzilla Kaiju's Contest, I decided to go with a NAGA like design but try to keep it extremely exotic

G.D.F top secret super weapon... the XTRW (Xtra Terrestrial Robot Warrior)...This strange and powerful Mech was not earth made...during the great invasion a new robot was being developed by the alien invaders on a orbiting alien space station, however before the alien space station could finish the robot their plan was discovered and an assault was led by the G.D.F to disable the gigantic space station that had entered our safe zone. The force was led by Shizumasu Akatsumi, an experienced general and tactical genius who's team was considered one of the best. He began the strike with a tactical distraction by his larger fleet ships to draw the attention...and the gunfire...from the team who were in a much smaller vessel. They managed to infiltrate the ship and sneak to the main power core quietly dispatching any enemies they would encounter. Kino Suzuyo, an experienced hacker, disabled the power flow to the space stations weapons and security allowing the rest of the teams accompanying Shizumasu's to infiltrate the ship as well...Outnumbered due to running the space station on minimum manpower...due to their sureness that no simple life form(us) would be able to make it into space past their ground assault.... and caught by surprise the alien crew stood no chance against the combined force of 4 teams. The space station was claimed as a spoil of war and later after the war ended and humanity survived, thanks to the help from the monsters of Earth, an exploration and salvage team was sent to the ship once again to document all that had been was then that XTRW was found. The team learned that it had no AI installed yet making it a perfect subject for the G.D.F scientists. Seeing the robot was meant to operate on its own with no pilot a highly advanced AI was developed and installed into the massive robotic life form and it was programmed to be a dedicated ally of the G.D.F, it was the worlds first pet monster you could say...since then it has only been used twice...once to counter an attack on Japan by Godzilla, which could have been devastating, and successfully defeated the beast in record time, even faster then the great Kiryu robot. The second time it was used was to fight off King Ghidorah AND an enraged Godzilla, with the aid of Mothra, and thanks to the squabbles between Ghidorah and Godzilla when they would run into each other eventually, XTRW was able to defeat both Godzilla AND King Ghidorah and keep Mothra alive(a feat in itself). The XTRW has become a legend now and is the first defense line of Japan. The only thing that worries the G.D.F. is the black boxes in the robots systems...

G.D.F. can not duplicate at this time. Its main defense is its protective energy shield much like the first Mechagodzilla, A metal that appears indestructible even to Godzilla's ray weapon, and its harpoon bolts....bolts of energy launched from the "mouth" that maintain a sense of matter as they impale the enemy and constantly do damage while they remain in the target, they self regenerate using the alien power source.
Its second defense is neck mounted "Phalanx" missile bays (A missile that is actually made up on anti-nuclear matter, yet another alien invention) however it only has a limited supply of these missles, around 20 over all, and thusly it only uses them under DIRE emergencies(especially since mankind dosen't have the technology to duplicate them right now)...they saw their first use during the final battle with Godzilla and King Ghidorah and thus their are only 16 left.
AND it has a cloaking ability to camouflage itself amongst terrain which it actually uses quite often to keep the upper hand over its foes.

Height:45 meters
Length:80 meters
Weight: 30,000 metric tons
Powers: (See above)
Weakness: cant jump,limited missile supply,unable to be duplicated by earth, Must have at least 4 weeks of downtime after a battle for the alien power source to regenerate itself

ps. I tried to make it extremely unique and extraterrestrial
(oh and I know the ladder is too big...ignore it lol, the doors open mechanically)
XTRW (c) Kyotita
Necro--Titan Featured By Owner May 3, 2008   Digital Artist
Very very interesting a snake/human mecha truly a awsome design and to mention in 3D ^-^:thumbsup:
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner May 3, 2008
Neat! Good luck in the contest!
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