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The colossal Gage by Kyotita The colossal Gage by Kyotita
Feel the Power of "Nicholai Gage" <--copyright take that >.> good ol Parody law protection! This is however a straight up tribute to a hilarious actor who I think is awesome!

 I uploaded this concept on the ckc forums a long time ago and never realized I hadn't here!  

His attacks so far involve punching people, and launching bees from his mouth in a deathly scream.

His Terrifying BIO!:
Be shocked and amazed as the Colossal Gage destroys cities and terrorizes the populace!
BUT he was not always a monster. He was once a man. Gage was a famous actor in tinsel town who was known for his intense performances. In time he developed a loyal following of fans and even rolled with the punches as his intense performances often led his viewers to thinking he was a mediocre actor with only one setting....EXTREME. Gage took on various film roles and proved he could play most any part thrown at him. As time went on he eventually ended up with a messy divorce leaving his household sufficiently drained for finances and he decided to take a role he never would have considered before. Jesus, Magical Detective! which was a film pretty much built around overacting and ridiculous intensity. He was ashamed to be making such a film but it offered him the finances he needed to keep going. The film was being set in the desert as Jesus solved crimes using his magical abilities and tried to stop his nemesis El Diablo. Unfortunately for Gage the film crew did not actually rent the land they were filming on and instead chose to keep it a secret.....Next thing Gage knew he was in a hospital bed! The cops asked him what had happened but all Gage remembered was the hot co-star he was with in his trailer when their was a boom and an earthquake. Little did Gage know he had survived a low grade nuclear test! at first the doctors were keeping him isolated so as to not spread radioactivity to the other patients in the hospital but soon Gage found himself growing....and growing.....AND GROWING. The doctors were all baffled at this enormous and rapid growth and soon the military approached the hospital and took Gage to a "private medical facility". This facility was actually a top secret lab and Gage was now the new science experiment. He tried to leave but he found himself locked in! He kept hope knowing he was a big name in acting and that eventually someone would come looking for him and expose the corrupt military....until one day he overheard a radio broadcast "celebrating the past 20 years of the recently deceased Nicholai Gage". Gage was FURIOUS and soon he found himself growing at an even more rapid rate!! soon he became big enough to smash out of his containment cell and he brought vengeance on the military scum who faked his death and used him as a lab rat. He found himself starting to grow out of control however and soon against even his will he found himself crushing against the bunkers reinforced ceiling! Soon the walls began to buckle as he continued to grow regardless of the pain of being crushed in a now tight space and the ceiling eventually gave and he found himself staring down at the world.....he could not stop growing and soon had to approach the town to find some sort of clothing....he found this clothing in a Big White Tent sale.....he stole the tent and fashioned a makeshift kilt out of it and soon he decided he would return to Tinsel Town to get help! if any of the doctors knew how to help it would be the overpriced doctors of the stars! (or so he thought) as soon as he arrived however he was attacked by the military and police! Enraged he tried to explain to them he simply needed help but the military and officers paid no attention....and as he became angrier and angrier he grew more and more untill his body finally could not grow any more! he collapsed for a moment as his new giant muscles adapted and rose to his feet once more....he was now bigger then many of the skyscrapers in the city.....if the world did not know he was still alive before....they certainly did now. Gage knew however that it was unlikely anyone would try and be civil and help him....It was Tinsel Town after all....and without money in his hands he was just another creature wandering the streets.....he knew he needed more tents....the only choice to maintain some of his decency was to smash the local tent factory and make something to cover himself with....needless to say the military did not take kind to his attacking and destroying of the factory. Gage knew his life would never be the same....

This picture was obviously taken before he reaches FULL size! 

ps: I decided to add a gentlemanly mustache for his dapper self!

Colossal Gage Parody (c) Kyotita (aka Paul J. Montgomery)

There will be lots of serious parts of the Hachigaverse so sometimes it is nice to just have fun (just look at showa Godzilla) so this will be one of my more lighthearted stories in the verse when I get to writing them!

You can download classic poster edition here…
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