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The Yet Unnamed Story intro by Kyotita The Yet Unnamed Story intro by Kyotita
Soooo.....I have craploads of original characters lying around and have not felt driven enough to make individual comics of their stories...I was thinking...I should not let these characters rot. I then asked myself....why dont I make a comic where I have not actually thought through to the end and planned it for once and just make it as I feel the urge.

That is where "The Yet Unnamed Story"(<-yes that will be its name) comes into play

It will serve as a way for me to just have fun with my characters and not worry about an end result. It also will allow me to draw comic characters I have not done anything with in a LONG LONG time. (such as Katsura, Aiko, Kauto, Nyu and the gang, Haruki and Phelen the wolf)

I hope to use this as a simple jump point to get myself drawing since I will feel like the comics I make have some further point and at the same time I will not feel guilty if I end the series randomly since I will have no set end.

I will likely try and make these once or twice a week (unless time is limited to me and it looks unlikely I will have time during that week)

This will also let me use my comi-po I bought long ago! (I will use the 3d models for some characters and backgrounds as well as for effects/layouts/ and lettering but the main cast will be hand drawn by me likely (well outside of Nao that is >.>)

who knows if it turns out maybe Nao can cause chaos in others worlds one day 
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October 15, 2014
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