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The Many Views Of Kyotita by Kyotita The Many Views Of Kyotita by Kyotita
I decided to make a profile-esque collection of my many Kyotita Images enjoy as always it is (c) of Paul Montgomery ^^ enjoy
His Quote: "...Oh cant be....its rising up once more into the orange the angel of death.....are we truly to be doomed to damnation? are we really beyond saving?"-(Shizami Enzo from "Kyotita")

I hope cg is ok XD...sooo anywho I took my favorite picture of Kyotita and added to its info so its ok for GodzillaSamurai to figure out

This is another view of my submission to [link] For his Kreate A Kaiju Contest!

Name:Kyotita (Pronounced: Kyo-Tai-Ta)
Height:Approximately 150 meters tall(if ghidora can do it XD) when stretched from tail to head
Weight: 25,000 metric tons
Speed: Fly's at Mach 4.5 (speed is one of its strengths) and moves at 100mph on land for not so long distances usually moves at 70mph

Powers:Rapid Regeneration almost surpassing Godzilla's,Swift Flying, Constriction,Powerful Bites,Can use spike on tail to impale and slice, Can spray a breath weapon that if not cleaned off in time will burn and then harden to what seems like stone cutting off response in the nerves of its opponent paralyzing them(If youve ever seen Godzilla Vs Biollante his weapon looks exactly like that except brown black and grey all mixed to make color), Its last ditch effort weapon is a giant Pyramid looking beam weapon with what looks like an eye of rah in the middle surrounded by energy that resembles the sun causing massive damage if not the usual death(he launches this attack by his head and nose horn both glowing and then Flapping his wings foreward as it launches)...but this destroys whatever remaining crystals he has making him vulnerable to all forms of attacks since they provide him regeneration and thus it is hardly ever used. A side power is that if any piece of his crystal survives and is ingested by a living reptile it in turn will eventually become Kyotita for he is like the everliving phoenix. He starts off as a dragon without wings and eventually after devouring enough he grows the wings.

Weaknesses:In its first form it has very few horns and thus must be very careful as not to get killed so it can evolve,It must feed on living beings to survive without food it falls into a hibernation that could be permanent if he is not awoken at a later time, If its crystals that make up its head horns and tail are destroyed he looses all regeneration abilities and powers other then constriction,fliying (if he is his second evolutionary stage) although it is reduced to the flight speed of barely being able to escape followers, and powerful bites. It is very vulnerable to cold(although not enough to kill it) sometimes even causing it to become drowsy but so far unable to force hibernation. It also is very reckless when it comes to the head priestess's of the clan that managed to put him to sleep for centuries before being awakened it is his one true hate in the world and he seeks her to try and bring about her death whenever she appears before him. He is mainly Nocternal and VERY timid when in his first form. He has no arms or legs and thus on the ground he must rely on attacks like a snake would

Classification: Demon Dragon Of The Earth believed to be the god of death

Origin: About 6000B.C. a clan of the first super advanced humans lived peacefully with all of their wonderous inventions.....but due to their great advancements over common people of the time they became vain and began to see themselves as better then everyone gods. Their greed eventually drove them to build even more advanced wonders to show their superiority over all other people. They began building everything from statues of themselves to exquisite buildings sometimes ranging even on the verge of sexual...their were no restraints as their wickedness tainted them. They eventually brought the worlds resources to a dangerous level and the earth having a life of its own created a demon to punish the clan for their blatant misuse of the worlds resources.....A demon dragon black as the void broke free from the crust of the earth in a rain of fire,smoke,and magma and then the demon destroyed the clans entire civilization in a week of death,suffering and horrors beyond imagination....but the taint of the civilization corrupted the demon and this he was not content with this meager destruction.Thriving on the rush it gained from death and destruction instead of stopping as the earth intended the demon went on to try and destroy every civilization that existed. One civilization however did not strive for advancement and thus drew little to no attention from the dragon at this time. They were humble and just and had a village built along a beautiful ocean believed in harmony with the earth at all costs and they worshipped the earth as their god and thus their living quarters and way of life were made around the earths natural growths built within trees and made from leaves and branches. This clan being humble and kind to the earth obtained "the call of the earth",using the very sands that covered most of the tribes land after it was unable to persuade the demon to stop its lustful quest for pain,suffering and bloodshed. The elders of the clan were instructed to follow the earth's instructions perfectly to the end. The elders were commanded to build a great circle of magnificant piller's atop a gigantic mountain with a flat top that were measured to be spread just wide enough to allow the demon to fit entirely first, although the earth did not mention the demon....and the elders followed, this took approximately three human years to complete while the beast rampaged the civilizations of the world seemingly invincible. Second the elders were taught how to make concrete and commanded to fill the land in ,that was surrounded by the pillars,with it entirely and in the exact middle of the structure the earth commanded the elders to gather their most talented artisans to create a beautiful symbol made up of a Triangle with a human eye in the center and the sun hidden behind, the elders quickly gathered their best and did as the earth commanded...and this took a period of a human year...the rampage continued despite the earths efforts. Third the elders were commanded to find a virgin who had just had her 16th season of life and obtain her from her parents,the elders relunctantly did as commanded. After finding the girl she was brought before the great sands the earth spoke to the tribe through, The earth commanded that her shabby garments be stripped and for her to have clothing worthy of royalty made in replacement of them, the elders stripped the girl before the sand's reguardless of her struggle and immediately went to work on the garments. The garments were made out of fine silk,gems and the pure feathers of a phoenix and the girl was then dressed by the end of the this time the earth was tired from its long struggle against the demon of the earth and commanded she be brought before the sands after one weeks time and maintained clean,pure and innocent.One weeks time passed and the girl was once again brought before the sands and tiredly the earth delivered the last message in its power to give.....this was quite long for after this the essance of the earth would be gone and it would be mearly inanimate till the end of time.The elders waited as the earth slowly gave its orders and news....The elders work was thanked by the earth by by being promised that from now untill the end of time the clan would exist as a gift from the earth for their troubles and sacrifices....however to keep their gift the young girl was labeled a priestess and oracle and givin the appropriate gifts to be worthy of the title.Then the elders were ordered to teach her to be loyal to the earth, and to be taught all it's knowledge up untill the day she would pass from this life to the next...and the earth spoke that from now untill the end of time after the chosen child reaches her 40th birthday she was to give birth to a female child no matter how many tries it took to take over the position. The child was to be trained in all of the ways of the earth just as their mother before them and this was to be untill the end of time. In return for the girl's purity they would never age past the appearance of a 20 year old woman and would always give birth to twin girls both to be made priestesses to make the process easier for future generations in case one was to pass away early or killed and they would be blessed with the same gift as their mother.Also the earth formed a spring in the middle of the village that if drank from would extend the villagers lives to a total of 300 seasons.The elders were humbly honored by the earth's kindness and agreed that untill the end of time they would follow the earths instruction's.....and with that before the earth was able to explain the coming disaster it dissapeared from was up to the visions of the
oracle now. Many months passed and then one dark and deathly day the oracle obtained a vision of the trial they were about to face....and that the angel of death was coming for the village. The oracle warned the elders and they held a massive meeting to warn the villagers of the coming trials and they were asked to remain in their houses and pray untill the oracle obtained the vision of how to stop this approaching evil. Another week passed and as the priestess predicted a dark storm approached but more then the storm was was the angel of death, now out of civilizations to draw its attention away from the small village it stood out like a great civilization would have. The demon attacked the village but the priestess had obtained the answer that they seek.....she needed to lead the demon to the center of the great monument they had build and it would be destroyed by the very wrath of earth itself.....Half the village was destroyed in an instant....hundreds of villagers turned to statues...but thanks to the earths gifts and the girls purity the dragon became disgusted with the woman and payed no attention to what remained of its surroundings and half the village and the great temple survived....Kyotita had a mission....kill this sickening light of purity and finish off the last of the world.........Kyotita was led to the center by the girl who ran and entered the middle.....the demon could not fit its head through the pillars and instead of destroying them it believed it was quicker just to go above flew hundreds of feet high into the sky and then began to dive back to earth towards the priestess.....but as it neared the ground a light of purity arose from the eye in the middle of the temple causing the beast to flinch and attempt to escape but as he did he was blasted by what appeared to be a weapon shaped just like the design in the middle of the temple, as it slammed the paralized beast its crystals that made up its horns and tail spike began to melt away as if scorched by the fires of the underworld itself. The dragon cried out in pain and fell to the earth allowing the priestess just enough time to escape from the temple and get far enough away.....the top of the mountain crumbled and gave out beneath the now lifeless dragon and the temple collapsed around him as the ground fell from beneath it and the demon burying both and dropping the mountain to half its size it almost seemed....Kyotita was mostly obliterated,defeated and buried within the mountain for all eternity....or at least untill its crystals regenerated and it is awoken once again....for it is immortal in a sense. The tribe built a great temple surrounding the entire top of the mountain to make sure greed never revives the beast again. The exact location of the tribes home village is lost now and the priestess resides in the temple built over Kyotitas grave....but many speculate located within the village is what has become known in modern times as the Fountain Of Youth. Many thousands of years passed after the near destruction of all civilization and during 1960 he was reawakened by the Japanese Yakuza. They were hired by a greedy power plant owner who learned of the regrowing crystals that were the biggest in the world that were actually Kyotita's horns and that they gave off enough energy to power a civilization for almost one hundred years...which would make him the richest man alive.The Yakuza burnt down the Temple surrounding the tomb and killed all of the priests there, and only one of the priestess's escaped thanks to the help of her bodyguards.As the temple burned they planted dynamite and after it exploded it awoke a very angry Kyotita who was only around 15 feet and wingless ,minus the two stubbs that will eventually become wings on his back, at the time after having to regenerate most of his body.He devoured all of the men left in the temple and fleed into the surrounding forrest's. Eventually all of the surrounding towns began to notice people dissapearing during the night......
(if you want to know where it goes from here you will have to wait till its released)-Paul Montgomery(aka:Kyotita(which I got from this very character))
Kyotita Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007
my other version is more detailed and better looking but glad you noticed this one XD
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007
Nice kaiju! Love the blade on his tail!
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