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Sandra:another original by Kyotita Sandra:another original by Kyotita
Size:130 Meters Long(slightly smaller then Manda)
Powers: Can create extremely powerful and deadly sandstorms from mouth,can create a gas like chemical which can be mixed with his sandstorm attack that causes opponents to become drowsy or fall asleep. Sandra spends most of its time burrowed attacking only with its head above ground but occasionally comes to land,Can swim due to fish like tail,Can bite with massive mandibles and its multiple rows of teeth can be quite painful. It has spikes that move it while underground both on top and on bottom and four eyes so if it is ever flipped to what would be its back it can switch its manuverability to that opposite side. Has 2 brains, one behind each set of eyes, it uses this seperate brains so that it is always oriented no matter whether its using the spikes that were on its back or the spikes that were on its belly,these also make it hard for a monster to try and step on or grapple Sandra. The barcode on the right mandible was placed there after military believed they had beat the creature the first time to catalog it. Sandra is relatively a solitary beast and will rarely enter human territory unless persuing an enemy or food which ranges from kamakarus's to other smaller Kaiju.

Sandra (c) Paul Montgomery

-I made this guy when I was 3 and he slowly developed into one nasty creature over time, enjoy him ^^
I will be making some of my other original Kaiju, in between my cg godzilla monsters work, as time passes from when I was younger as well XD
Jazon19 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007
Quick i need bug spray!
IMAGINeye Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007  Professional General Artist did an absolutely amazing job on this!!! :o NICE WORK!!! :clap:
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November 17, 2007
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