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Original Kaiju:Parabolis by Kyotita Original Kaiju:Parabolis by Kyotita
Heres one of my original Kaiju to hold you over while I work on tyrantis's contest

Name: Parabolis
Height: 60 Meters
Weight: about 16,000 metric tons since he is mostly an ooze like substance

Parabolis is an alien from the third galaxy, he arrived after his alien servants began an attack on earth. Parabolis arrived to aid the invasion force after Earth Kaiju nearly routed the entirety of his forces. Parabolis is actually quite intelligent and is a destructive force to face. His powers are many and they consist of his Tentacle arms, Telekenisis that can be used for anything from floating abilities to shields of pure energy and speaking any language including our own, which he used frequently while contacting earth for "negotiations". The head is really just a huge Nucleai that is suspended in the ooze that makes up its body meaning it is excellent at absorbing physical blows and it can rotate freely within the ooze making it almost immune to any form of sneak attack, and its most powerful weapon is his many eyes can each individually or en mass shoot a laser like projectile beam which is devastating. The difference between Parabolis and your common space kaiju is it is not under any form of control but in fact is its own master in command of a loyal alien force

Parabolis (c) Paul Montgomery

you may need a bright computer to see it
Jazon19 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008
woha its like all roar!
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