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Original Anime Char Matsuko by Kyotita Original Anime Char Matsuko by Kyotita
Here is one of my original characters I've created in cg
This is Officer Matsuko and she is a hard working cop who uses her appearance to her advantage since she is often underestimated due to this (and she plays on this). She has gotten high scores on all the police evaluations and has a very high success rate in solving the cases she is assigned too. Although she is not a specialist by any means, she is however working very hard to become one thus cutting down on her free time vastly. She has always wanted to be a cop like her father before her, a chief who was killed on duty. Her hair is unique since it is lacking pixels making it white, a since birth trait. Matsuko is your token BB(Big Breasted) anime character and thus she follows certain standards set by anime's everywhere, from popularity/envy to comedy to flaunting XD.

She WILL be in the CG anime me and my friends are working on as a main character under "The Specialist" her, albeit strange, Idol.

Matsuko (c) Paul J. Montgomery (A.K.A: Kyotita)
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February 27, 2011
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