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Old Knight Terekata by Kyotita Old Knight Terekata by Kyotita
A space alien, from a species known as the Harkon, that has traveled the universe to defend the weak for centuries. He is worn down and scarred by battle and blind in one eye but his amazing techniques allow him to still remain a threat to kaiju and alien alike to this very day!
And at the age of 5000 he has been at it a VERY long time. He may be shorter then some kaiju but his speed and grace in combat allows him to deliver a flurry of blows that will hurt even the strongest kaiju.

These Techniques are:
1. The Fist of the Harkon! (an attack that envelopes his bird like hands in energy and is used as the end all attack to explode his enemies)
2. Winged Defend (his wing arms are engorged in energy that hardens to a force field shield he uses to defend from attacks)
3. Revengence Kick ( Legs are engulfed in energy as he dropkicks his foes to knock them off balance)

He uses his experience and battle knowledge to defend the world all accompanied by various crane like martial arts fighting techniques.

He works with the Power Hawk Universe Defense Force and comes to the aid of those who can not defend themselves! (you can see some of them on the lower right)

"When danger lurks you need only call out the name of KNIGHT TEREKATA while wielding the pendent of the wing and I will come to your aid!"

The pendent is actually a communicator of sorts that translates its users language so it takes a short time for Terekata to appear after translating and his flight back to whatever planet needs him but when he does he tends to enter with a swift Revengence Kick to allow him to prepare his stance and catch his enemy off guard. On his free time however he uses what years he has left to find and teach new defenders to take his place and lighten the load of work on he himself.

Terekata (c) Paul M. (aka. Kyotita)
DarkSideDuck Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting idea indeed.
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