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OC for tournament Katsura by Kyotita OC for tournament Katsura by Kyotita
Here is my new OC for the OC tournament coming up this summer. Decided I would post a pic. Already made all of her faces for the 25 expressions challenge but haven't got them colored yet so they will be up soon. After many redesigns this is where I ended up ^^. She is a J-rock/metal star who is now indebted to the Yakuza. Her father had control of her funds and used them gambling. He ended up getting in debt with the Yakuza and giving them his daughter to save his own life. She is given the option to become an assassin or in the arts of love, so to Katsura she was cornered and took the assassin path...she has developed an alternate persona she kills with since the trauma of the first mission she had to carry out caused her to partially splinter from reality. More of her story and the character soon. Im not the best artist but I think it turned out ok.
(just noticed hang on poster doesn't fit right but oh well too late)
No idea how prints got made of this but eh, oh well
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May 28, 2010
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