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Messori's Rampage-Bio by Kyotita Messori's Rampage-Bio by Kyotita
HEADLINE:Messori rampages the new world in New York! Property damage soars!

Scientific name Messorinychus (Reaper Claw, a blend of latin and Greek)
Size: 45 meters
Diet: Carnivorous
Period: Unknown/Modern
First Discovered in: USA
Scientific Documentation:
Messorinychus recently was discovered after a living ancestor of the species found itself upon American shores. Messorinychus or Messori for short is believed to be a blend of Deinonychus and Tyrannosaurus. We believe that this was the largest of the carnivores but due to radioactive contamination of the living specimens blood we cannot be sure that it was always its current size, a titanic 45 meters high...Supersaurus, a very large Herbivorous dinosaur that walked on four legs, was the only dinosaur documented to be this large before this new discovery. Unfortunately this new beast is a Carnivore and thus the military is working to eliminate the beast before it can cause any major loss in human life. We believe the beast uses its colossal claw on its foot to incapacitate its victim and then it uses its raptor like claws to pin the prey to allow easier feeding...we believe that the arms are also used for fighting off other predators. Another amazing aspect of the creature is its ability to breathe a fire like projection from it's mouth,however only two to three times a day, possibly this is the ancestor of what were called dragons in past civilizations.It's skin is apparently resistant to extreme heat which leads us to believe the beast's would make their layers in active volcanoes being cold blooded...We at the scientific community at least hope we will have the opportunity to examine the creatures remains.
this is a once in a lifetime scientific discovery that will surely leave it's mark in the history books of tomorrow.
-Professor Alex Macanraw, paleontologist

Messorinychus/Messori (c) Paul Montgomery
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TITANOSAUR Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool. looks like a screen cap from a movie.
Kyotita Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
Glad you like it ^^
TITANOSAUR Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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