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Ikuyah Omaia by Kyotita Ikuyah Omaia by Kyotita
Just another pic of my antagonist Ikuyah (here you can clearly see her alternate personalities goth dress preferral). She is around 19 here which is well after her first "experiment". Her alternate personality has always been a "bad seed" which got her in trouble often in school and with friends, but it truly culminated (more like went out of control) when she was around eleven and her alcoholic father (he never got to touch her again after that due to his mysterious murder near the liquor store a few nights later, they never did find the culprit >8D) and this just made her more quite for a while...until she decided to try and suppress the past in the back of her mind, which just fed her alternate personality more. Her mother on the other hand was a good religious woman who worked two jobs to keep Aiamo happy and in with the times, unfortunately she was working the night of the incidents and after her husbands gruesome death she became very distant, focusing her life mainly around church providing simply what Aiamo needed to survive and that was about it, as she withdrew from being too involved in fear of loosing whatever it is she is involved with.
Ikuyah uses a chemical in the needle to paralyze the victim while she carves away at her leisure, the victim can feel everything....
This is a full pic of her in all her crazy glory.

Ikuyah (c) Kyotita
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Submitted on
November 24, 2010
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