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Hisato The Chinchilla by Kyotita Hisato The Chinchilla by Kyotita
Hisato The Chinchilla is an original anthro char I came up case people wonder why im drawing so many anthros and such its because im trying to improve my kid friendly drawing skills...(and drawing skills in general). Im going to be going to school again soon and taking art classes and such, and eventually plan to go for a bachelors in Animation and design(put my name into a school already), so I decided I had better start drawing shit.I planned to focus in 3d animation so I never cared to much about my not so good hand drawing skills, but I learned that hand drawing plays a part in it after all. I decided a chinchilla is something that hasn't really been drawn in the anthro/sonic community so it is slightly unique in a way XD. Since I might use this as a main char in a comic or something I just had to give him a sword seeing i'm a sword collector, specifically of Katana's (have ten katanas XD). Ive always had a fondness of Katana swords so it makes sense id make my main char have one.

Name:Hisato The Chinchilla
Race: Chinchilla

Hisato The Chinchilla (c) Kyotita(Paul Montgomery)
Kyotita Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
its funny when I look back to see the huge swing of jobs I had....I went from dreaming to improve ai and get into pixar to being a teacher LOL
Jazon19 Featured By Owner May 28, 2008
:D cool!
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May 28, 2008
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