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Hisato Demon Form by Kyotita Hisato Demon Form by Kyotita
Well since I dropped my comic theirs no point in hiding Hisato's demon form XD. Demon form is basically a more Feral form of the character if I was to try and explain it. So here it is,hope you enjoy. I wanted to make a super form that was never really done before in a sonic-esque series so I came up with the demon forms. Demon form can only be entered into when the character is near death...the main characters were all chosen for the job because they had demon blood locked away inside of them somewhere....with help from the organization the characters were unknowenstly injected with a hormone to awaken the demon within (it was hidden nicely as a blood sample for the organizations files...). Entering demon form is dangerous for the host because if their will is not strong enough they could be taken over by the demon entity within them. Elder Demons call these hosts
"Phantom Breeds", a criticism to point out that the one with the demon is going against its nature without even knowing it....and this is considered a cowardly and pathetic act in demon society. Most Phantom Breeds are killed at birth but a few have demons locked so far within that it is hidden even from the elder makes itself known like a phantom from out of thin air, thus the title. They are hated and hunted by the elders for fear of what power might be obtained by the Phantom Breeds. Forsaken is especially after Hisato.....rumor has it that Hisato has Forsaken's blood hidden in his veins.

Hisato (all forms) (c) Kyotita
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:D Nice
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August 5, 2008
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