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Haruki Tanaka OC ref sheet by Kyotita Haruki Tanaka OC ref sheet by Kyotita
(I may not have the best hand drawn art but here we go XD) This is the reference sheet of my character entry into
Phelan's is seperate
Name:Haruki Tanaka

Age: 16

Nationality: Japanese



Special Skill/power: She doesn’t actually fight but being connected with Phelan gives her amazing agility, allowing her to dodge attacks thrown at her if she sees the attack. Haruki uses incantations to enhance Phelen or allow him to use special attacks (think Zatch Bell if you don’t get what I’m saying (thanks TheCure for helping me find that series to use as a comparison)). Phelan is a spirit familiar Haruki made a pact with so Phelan will protect Haruki savagely(he in effect is her weapon), the ruby on her right ear is the signification of this pact. Haruki also developed the power to speak with animals when she was a young girl which was one of the reasons she could make the pact.

Weakness: Physically weak, she could never fight on her own. She is young so sometimes she jumps into situations that are over her head if it involves helping another.

Likes: Phelan, dogs, food, video games, adventure, anime/manga, Pranks

Dislikes: spiders, vegetables, boredom, being alone

Personality: Haruki is quite active and happy all of the time, she is always trying to cheer anyone up who is sad or feels alone and she wont run from a fight unless she absolutely has to, she is however also a prankster which is one of the things Phelan encourages

Bio: [link]
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