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Hachiga by Kyotita Hachiga by Kyotita

I had been struggling forever trying to determine how to reestablish  my kaijuverse with only my own creations since Godzilla and Mothra originally had HUGE connections to it. This was since many of the monsters were originally made as guest stars in these universes, and in reality my kaiju drive was starting to suffer from it. I almost got to the point I wanted nothing to do with my kaiju side but the night before uploading this it finally came to me in a dream! The key to fixing the cracks in my universe and once again continue forward!! And that breakthrough was Hachiga!

It is a combo of a Rosy Maple Moth and a Killer bee/wasp (essentially a splice kaiju) and she is now the star of my kaijuverse finally breaking the walls I was facing.

Long Story Shortened:
Once the protector of the cosmos (the actual cosmos=all universes) before retiring to our solar system with her speaker Adathari, one member of an alien race that could most be described as an eternal elf, an essential ally since only she knew how to raise the giant flowers Hachiga needed to eat to survive. Hachiga's job was taken up by UchA No Uma the Universe horse so that she could rest and prepare for her rebirth. Hachiga once protected alien races across the universe before it approached a late adult age for her species. At that time a "Destroyer" class entity was born to destroy the universe and it took her many years to defeat it obtaining more losses then the final victory score. Thankfully this class species did not have regenerative capabilities that Hachiga has at the time. She now senses the birth of another Destroyer entity....more dangerous than any other is destined to happen....the birth of Kyotita. She awaits her day of rebirth so that her species can regain the strength she once had through her brood. However it is uncertain whether she will do it before the awakening of Kyo...

1.Can launch stingers that are able to pierce even the toughest armor
2. Extremely Intelligent and thus can set traps.
3. Can vibrate its body rapidly to let loose an energy field.
4. Can spit a honey like substance that will harden after minimum contact with air (but not near as effective or as wide of an area as Kyotitas stone breath).
5. VERY fast and agile so can easily do fly by attacks and avoid ranged weapons directed at them.

6.Can buffet foes with winds even adding heat to it to do damage to its foe.
7. Immolate- as a last resort the hybrid can increase its body temp and the air temp around them turning it into a flying ball of flame but this has to be stopped after a short time as to not burn through all the hair on the creature and begin to singe the flesh eventually killing it. This is a dangerous tactic and is pretty much never used unless Hachiga senses inevitable defeat which will result in loss of life of those it protects.

8. Rift- can create a rift directly in front to absorb enemy ranged weapon and then re open in reverse to launch back at opponent. Can only do this a limited number of times before becoming drained of energy and loosing maneuverability.


Size: 70 Meters long (229 feet)

Wingspan: 175 meters (574 feet)

Hachiga (c) Kyotita (aka Paul J. Montgomery)

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Cupercrusader Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
awesome one
JacobSpencerKaiju79 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016   Traditional Artist
Pretty cool kaiju kaiju
Kyotita Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
Thanks, it definitely was the kaiju I needed to get my kaiju universe going again.
JacobSpencerKaiju79 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016   Traditional Artist
Welcome! Yeah, it helps when you pick the ones you like. I know that I am happy I decided on Monsturra.
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