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Flexible God of Phones by Kyotita Flexible God of Phones by Kyotita
Entered a kaiju challenge on the Kaiju Combat Sunstone forums. They gave me three random words and I had to make a divine kaiju out of it and I got Flexible God of here is my attempt lol. I went with a phone receiver with multiple cords and a classic rotary design for the "halo"

and for fun a story:

Every phone has a soul. After being seen as lifeless objects by humanity for centuries phones were tossed, beat on tables, thrown out, burned, and just plain abused. One phone however held a special was in the museum of phones and communication and was treated so splendidly that eventually the love the of museums owner caused the phone to come to life and was granted mystical powers. It would have been a great day one would think for phonekind but after coming to life the owner was terrified by its unfortunate appearance and attacked the phone with a baseball bat....that phone was Anakoínosi. It managed to escape without being completely destroyed and over the years hid day a strange mystic offered the phone a chance for revenge and after accepting the mystic chanted a comment about letting their creation grow.....he grew to kaiju proportions only to encounter a strange giant robot that attempted to kill it! Shocked Anakoínosi fought back enough to open up a chance to escape and fled its is now resurfacing with a greater understanding of its powers and seeks the strange robot that tried to defeat it.....

Its flexible limbs allow the kaiju to strike from several different angles and its mystical floating abilities allow it to hover about like a is fairly peaceful unless threatened or offended.

(c) Paul M. (aka:Kyotita)
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February 10, 2016
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