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Ebirah by Kyotita Ebirah by Kyotita
A custom Ebirah set I threw together for a game I am working on in RPG Maker 2k3. I am basically remaking the old Nintendo game Godzilla 2 on my free time.

I found most of the scripts I will need, now to simply figure out how to adapt them to my game type. I have to say I have never seen much done with EBIRAH so I decided to have him in my game (planned to add other obscure kaiju as well such as Manda/Gabara/Kumonga/Kamakarus but those will take a long while still if I do)
The sprites I upload may not be masterpieces by far but at least they will serve their point and may be useful to someone else in the future as long as Im taking the time to mess with them. I have to give some credit to an old gb game for the idea of sprite placement but this was all rebuilt free hand.

Ebirah (c) Toho
Sprite (c) Kyotita (with a nod to Kaijuu oh Godzilla) (plz give credit if used, took a while to build)
Kyotita Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010
no not yet... having some problems getting the tactical system to work the way it is supposed to.....I got the characters on the map and they are selectable to move and such but they never want to actually move on the map -.-
and since they wont move I cant check to see if the attack system works because they are miles away from each it is a work in progress. I just started this at the VERY end of Oct. though so its likely going to be quite a while still b4 it is released. But if I can figure out my problems and get the game on the move I will post a message on my page.
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November 9, 2010
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