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Arugen's Rampage-Bio by Kyotita Arugen's Rampage-Bio by Kyotita

Scientific name: Arugesaurus
Size: 75 meters
Diet: Omnivorous
Period: Unknown/Modern
First Discovered in: USA
Scientific Documentation:
Arugesaurus recently was discovered after a living ancestor of the species found itself upon American shores. Arugen as the first people to see it decided to call it, is believed to be a new breed of Omnivorous Stegosaurus due to the Dorsal Plates, Omnivore meaning that it is documented to eat plants AND meat. We believe that this was the largest of the dinosaurs but after a fight between Messori and Arugen, whom we believe were natural enemies even in the past, we have found radioactive contamination of the living specimens blood, like Messori's. This discovery in both cases leads us to believe nucular test's were responsible for it's revival. Due to this contamination we cannot be sure that it was always its current size, a titanic 75 meters long...Supersaurus was believed to be the largest dinosaur that walked the earth before this new discovery. Seeing that this new beast is an Omnivore and has been documented eating plants "slightly" more then meat, we, the scientific community, believe there is a chance the army could capture this beast and allow us to study it alive. However due to the confused creatures landing in New York City, unlike Messori who managed to stay off of the radar longer due to its landing in rural New York, the military has already engaged the beast before it can cause any more accidental loss of human life. We believe the beast uses its colossal spines on its back to protect it from it's enemies/victim's. We also believe it uses its blade like nose horn to gouge at food to allow easier feeding...and that the horn is also used for fighting off other predators. Another amazing aspect is this creature can remain under water in-definately, leading us to believe that it possibly was the ancestor of the beast that was known as Leviathan in past civilizations, seeing it is amphibious and colossal.It's skin is apparently resistant to extreme heat, like messori's, which leads us to believe the beast's would make their layers in active volcanoes being cold blooded and we have come to call their breed Fire Lizards...We at the scientific community hope we will have the opportunity to examine the creature alive. As my collegue Professor Alex Macanraw said in his report on Messori, "this is a once in a lifetime scientific discovery that will surely leave it's mark in the history books of tomorrow". Professor Macanraw will do the classification on Messori as he was the first to encounter it.
-Professor Mai Asagawa, paleontologist

Arugen/ Arugesaurus (c) Kyotita
Shnurbinator Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. How did you make it?
Kyotita Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
I used hexagon to make model and city and then took a snapshot and added background from a pic
JacobSpencerKaiju79 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2008   Traditional Artist
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