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EDIT 05/23/2020: Now that we can update journals again, I'd like to let everyone know our websites are live! Please be aware they are under heavy construction, as the majority of our buttons don't work right now. The Rulebook, Admin Applications, FAQs, and Design Manual will permanently be on Carrd, while other sections (such as the suggestion box) will remain on DeviantART until they can be moved to ArtRise. We are always looking to improve the "Navigation" page as well, so what you see now may be changed in the future.

Main site:
Design Manual:


Hello everyone! With eclipse permanently implemented, as predicted its causing quite a few issues with our group. The biggest issue at the moment is all existing journals are messed up, and they cannot be edited properly in any way whatsoever. We strongly recommend users join our discord server (it is linked in our navigation page). Discord allows us to give you updates far more frequently, along with giving you the ability to socialize with other players/ARPG community users. With the mess eclipse has left behind for groups, we will be doing our best to fix said mess. I am currently hoping to transfer some of our stuff with a free website builder. This website will contain journals n such that do NOT need any player interaction (for example, the design manual).

ADDITIONALLY; Poll results have come to a close, and the following option won the majority vote: "Move Kyotas to ArtRise (ARPG friendly site), and EVENTUALLY ditch/discontinue the group here." As a result, there will probably be some questions about the future of Kyotas.

🦴 What is ArtRise?
ArtRise is a new website being developed, made by artists for artists! At the moment, they are polishing the functionality of the website before launching beta testing in waves. If you're interested in participating in the site's beta-testing stage (its 100% free), you're more than welcome to join their discord server:

🦴 Is the move permanent?
That is our goal, yes. dA Eclipse is not satisfactory in regards to running an ARPG, and ArtRise is a much friendlier art site for CS, RPG, and ARPG group types. AR has far more opportunities to explore! I have our CSS coding saved, and it will be upgraded to tailwind css, hopefully giving far more customization and make it much more aesthetically pleasing. We are hoping to give you a much better game experience with the tools available for us! However, AR is not open to the public just yet. I will be working on the group to prepare it, and there will be an announcement here AND on dA when it is finally open.

🦴 Will the dA group still be active?
Yes! Until ArtRise launches their public release and our group on AR is considered "ready" for functionality, we will continue operating our DeviantART group as we normally would, including any updates. Once the move is 100% completed, the group will NOT be shut down (as in deleted from existence), but we will make it known where we have officially moved to!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, you may leave comments below, or use our questions channel in the discord server.
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