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Name: Kyotas
Scientific Name: Canis Nemorivagus
Weight: 1,000-2,000 lb./450-900 kg.
Height: 4.5 - 6 ft. at the shoulder
Litter size: 1-3 pups average
Diet: Omnivorous, primary meat-based

Evolution and Ancestry

Not much is currently known about the evolutionary line of Kyotas, but they do have one known recent ancestor. Fossils of C. animabellator were first found within the Nagano Prefecture of Japan, by archaeologist Nomura Hideaki in the early 80’s. To this day, Hideaki remains one of the leading researchers of Kyotas and their evolutionary line.

Borophaginae, or “bone-crushing dogs,” are the common ancestor C. animabellator is speculated to share with other canids such as the Ezo and Honshū wolves (subspecies of grey wolves that lived in Japan). They are believed to have split away from grey wolves around 12-14 million years ago, during the Miocene epoch, accounting for the similarities and differences between the two species. The most recently dated fossil of C. animabellator shows they existed as recent as 1-0.8 million years ago, and for a period of time lived alongside C. nemorivagus.

There are several theories proposed as to why C. animabellator went extinct. The most popular theory was that C. nemorivagus took more and more of the food and territory resources, pushing the larger and more solitary C. animabellator into extinction. It is currently unknown if the two species interbred, also unknown is what the two species relationship was in the wild.



    The exact species of Borophaginae that C. animabellator, and by extension Kyotas, are believed to have evolved from are  
    Epicyon haydeni. The largest known specimen was estimated to weigh around 170 kg (370 lb)!


Information provided by Unh0lyPriest and LifesparkAlchemist

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Found this to be very intriguing and knowledgable if it's factual, of course. What inspired you guys to use this breed if I may ask -- artistic diversity for canine admirers, perhaps?
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Hello there! Sort-of yes, we were also inspired by prehistoric animals as well as asian lions. So we decided to mash it all together ^^
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Neato! Asian lions are cool creatures.
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They definitely are!
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Mhm. 😄 So s'up?
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Not much! Just doing background work for Kyotas, which slowed since I've been to the hospital recently. Things should pick up soon!
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Alright. Thank you for telling me. Could it be possible that I get a non-PSD file of a Kyota please? Am laptop and desktop free so the apps I use aren't compatible/accepting PSD nor any other zip files.

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Hey there! Just giving you a general update, if you still cannot access our import files/design your kyota, there is a design request system now available! The designs are 100% free of charge: Tailor Emporium 2019-2020 [OPEN]
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Unfortunately with the way our imports work, I'm not sure this is possible! Have you tried free art apps such as Medibang? :0
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