Inari's Gift of Fertility

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Since ancient times Kyota have sought Inari Ōkami’s blessing before they breed. It is only with their gift that healthy, happy puppies can be born. In modern times, it is mandatory to pass three quests before breeding.


    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext A maximum of 3 Kyotas can be rolled per submission. Other Kyotas may be depicted, but they cannot be rolled.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Handlers are not required.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Minor mature settings (ex: violence) may be used, but must be filtered and tagged appropriately. Please including a
        content warning at the top of literature.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Entries should not be re-submitted after they have been rolled. They cannot be recoloured and used for other Kyotas.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Any submissions that have been rolled cannot be re-used for anything else.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Art theft, copy pasting or over-referencing is not allowed.


    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Minimum canvas size: 400x400 pixels
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext At least 75% of the Kyota must be shown.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext The eyes and nose of the Kyota must be drawn if the face is visible.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Shading is required.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Collaborations are allowed.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Black and white is allowed, but it must be obvious who the Kyota is.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Backgrounds must be defined/have some form of depth. You must include multiple elements, such as buildings or trees.
        Unidentifiable and random blobs will be rejected. The setting must match the context of the quest.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Referencing stock photos for poses or backgrounds is allowed. Please credit your sources if heavy referencing is involved.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Photo-manipulation is allowed as well, but there must be clear effort. Something like a re-coloured wolf is not allowed.


    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Minimum word-count: 1200 words
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Collaborations are allowed. Participants must have contributed 600 words each, but the parts can be interwoven. Please
        include notes on who wrote what in the description.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext The Kyota being rolled must be mentioned throughout the entry (ie: describing them, their actions, or their name). If
        your Kyota goes by a name other than their registered name, please include it the form.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext The majority of the writing must focus on the prompt and all participating Kyota must be involved in the quest.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext A clear attempt at editing must have been made.


    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext The entry must clearly depict the prompt and meet all art requirements
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext The entry must be of comparable quality to the rest of the artist’s gallery
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext The entry must be submitted with the proper form and all required information
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext The Kyota must successfully complete the quest in the submission


3 prompts of your choosing must be completed!

Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario Working for Food
All creatures must eat to survive! How will your Kyota feed their future family. Is your kyota a hunter or a fisher? Or do they have an occupation which puts kaichain in their pocket?   Depict your Kyota earning a sizable meal that would provide for an entire family or pack.
(prompt suggested by Trexin)

Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario Rice Delivery
Inari is the deity of rice and agriculture, and takes kindly to those who work the fields. After all, agriculture was the foundation of larger civilizations and allows many children to go to bed well fed!  They are often depicted as an old man carrying rice. Depict your Kyoto growing, harvesting or helping an old man (kyota, fox or human) deliver rice to market.

Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario Shrine Offerings
The most direct way to please a kami is by leaving offerings at their shrine for them and their messengers. Inari’s messengers is the white fox, and as such fox related objects, such as statues and drawing, are very common. Other common offerings include rice, sake, and fried tofu. Offerings can also be more personal, such as tending to the temple or giving something of great personal value. The setting should include the red torii that mark all of her shrines, but can otherwise be any size and any location.  Depict your Kyota leaving Inari an offering.

Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario Caring Heart
Puppies are difficult at the best of time, and it takes practice and patience to raise them well. Depict your Kyota pup sitting other's pups in their pack. Do they enjoy the task? What challenges do they face? Do the pups like them or do they run for the hills at the mere mention of your Kyota's name?!?
(prompt suggested by RainInTheWillows)

Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario Mischievous Yako
Field foxes are known for their cunning and mischievous nature! Depict your Kyota interacting with a Yako. Are they tricked and tormented, before trying to drive off the spirit? Or do they join the Yako in mischief making? The Yako should be depicted as fox or human with between 1 and 9 tails. It may be any colour but white.

Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario A Zenko's Wisdom

Inari’s foxes are known for the benevolence and wisdom, and it is said the oldest of them can hear and see everything that happens in this world. Depict your Kyota going to a Zenko for help with a deep, personal problem or an important society affecting issue. Do they help them or is their answer less straightforward? The zenko should be depicted as a white fox or a human, and can have anywhere between 1 and 9 tails.

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