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angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla What is alpha/beta phase?

Alpha phase means we are relatively new with loads of unreleased content. It can also mean some key features may be missing (proper journal skin, item art, super-group, etc). We plan on releasing some more content in alpha phase 2.0 and our beta phases. Even after we drop beta and become a full game, we'll have plenty of new stuff planned for our players!

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla Do I have to be active in the group or discord server?

No. Being active is not a requirement in our ARPG. Players can freely be as active or inactive as they please, and there are no punishments for general inactivity within the group or discord server.

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla How many activities do you have?

We are always looking to expand our list of activities to an appropriate amount. These activities may be year-round, seasonal, event specific, etc! We hope to have quite the variety available for you!

Main activities: Adventuring, Tracking, Trawling, Spelunking, Diving
Other activities: Competitions, PvP, Medical bay [healing], Quests, Craftsmanship

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla What are Rolls/How many Kyotas can be rolled for in activities?

Rolls are admin comments in response to activity submissions. Activities determine the content within the roll. For example, an adventuring roll will only give you items available in adventuring, while quests submissions give you a specific reward. The amount of Kyotas that can be rolled for in an activity depends on the type of activity, and what kind of limitations it has. You can have additional Kyotas or affiliated species within the submission for EXP purposes, but they will NOT be given a roll.

Please check our various journals under the "interactive" system of our navigation journal for more information.

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla What is EXP?

EXP (or experience points) is a system applied to artwork and literature used within the group's various activities. In these instances, the EXP is tied to the Kyota(s) included in the submissions. You cannot give EXP to a Kyota that is not included in said submission. There are EXP boons that can be attached to artwork and literature, but have specific limitations. Additionally, there are various other ways to gain EXP! Please check our Experience-Points System journal for further information.

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla How do EXP sheets work?

Each drawing in an EXP sheet technically counts as an individual piece. All pieces are individually counted for points. This includes bonuses. If you had a rider in one piece, it would count for that piece, but none of the others. If you want the rider bonus for every piece, you'd have to include your rider in every piece.

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla What does my EXP tracker need?

As long as you have the bare bones of information needed, you should be good to go! EXP trackers can be as plain or fancy as you like.

Bare minimum needed for EXP trackers:
- A link or clickable image to the Kyota's Import
- Total amount of EXP collected at the top
- The Kyota's hierarchy level
- The Kyota's breeding status
- Links to any items that provide extra EXP
- All artwork and literature with its EXP correctly listed next to or under the piece. [ex:  F (5) + CS (4) + CBG (4) = 14 AP]

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla Do EXP trackers have to be on DeviantART only?

No, trackers don't have to be unless the tracker is also being used for roll results, or admin comments in general. If the tracker is only being used for EXP and does not require admin comments, you can put it anywhere and customize it however you please!

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla Can I delete my EXP tracker?

You can, but if the journal contains admin comments with items that haven't been banked or redeemed, said items will be permanently lost. If no items will be lost, or you just don't care, you can go ahead and delete it! However, it should be noted that if the Kyota is sold to another member, its common courtesy to wait until the new owner has copied/pasted all EXP at minimum into a new tracker, before deleting yours.

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla What are applicable items?

An applicable item is an in-game item that can be attached to your Kyota, including bankable items. These items are primarily located within the Kyota's import description, but may be located in the comments section of the import as well. This includes but is not limited to; tack, decoration tokens, scar packs, background sets, skills, familiars, consumables, etc.

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla What are skills?

Skills are one of the many boons your Kyota can obtain, and have a variety of outcomes. These 'boons' affect your Kyota in many different ways. A majority of skills are heritable and can be passed down through breeding, though the rarer the skill, the harder it will be to pass down to the Kyota's offspring. Some skills are "exclusive" and can only be obtained through specific means.

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla Can I upload my Kyota's import to my own gallery or other sites/apps?

No. We do not allow players to upload their imports to their own galleries, and have strict rules regarding this. This is primarily to avoid confusion, scamming, loss of the design, etc. Appropriate action will be taken if imports have been uploaded to places where they do not belong. Toyhou.se is the only exception and should only be uploaded for storage onlyIf you wish to have your Kyota's design uploaded to other sites, such as ArtFight, it is recommended to create a reference sheet.

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla Is this group a handler/rider free zone?

Technically, yes and no! We have a plethora of activities that don't require a rider. While the group has some content that may require a rider present, we do our best to include non-rider versions. This makes the group open to all kinds of artists!

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla How do I get more kyotas?

There are many options available for obtaining more Kyotas! You can get free genos in the adoption center [at the moment, we have a 2 geno limit until the group grows bigger], find an abandoned kyota puppy in activity rolls, buy or trade from other players, or purchase something from any official sales [Kaichin or USD].

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla How do I get Training Tokens?

Training tokens can be found in various main activities, but not all of them. You have a higher chance of receiving training tokens in an activity roll if the activity requires a higher leveled Kyota, or if the Kyota has a Skill boon that increases your chances. There are many other ways to obtain training tokens in general, including loot boxes or rewards!

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla What are loot boxes?

Loot boxes are items that can be opened in the Treasury, to receive a variety of different items! The contents a loot box has depends entirely on what it is. For example, a first aid kit would give you medical supplies, a geode would give you spelunking items, and an oyster may give you pearls!

angle bracket r by DiegoVainilla What can I do to develop my kyotas and worlds/stories?

We're still working on lore and modern life, but the overall world of Kyotas is based on a futuristic/fantasy earth with sci-fi elements! They originated in japan, so there are lots of real-world culture you can research and reference off of if you want one to live there, but the species itself is "international." You get to pick and choose where your Kyota comes from! Once our ancient lore and modern life journals have been established, and we have more prompts and activities that are heavily lore-based, it should give players more information and world-building to have fun with! They can also interact with other ARPG species, regardless of whether that species is realistic, futuristic, or fantasty-related.
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