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NANI by 8-BitSpider Are we allowed to upload our imports to our own gallery?
No. We have a specific rule in our rulebook against uploading imports to your own gallery or another website. This is to prevent confusion, scamming, loophole exploitation, etc.

NANI by 8-BitSpider Can the inside of the ear be coloured?
Yes! It is considered a minimal mark.

NANI by 8-BitSpider Can markings be two colours?
Please check the marking's guide to see if it can be more than one colour or not.

NANI by 8-BitSpider Are minimal marks allowed?
Yes! We have a journal under construction regarding minimal marks. They should be naturally coloured.

NANI by 8-BitSpider What are the random letters? Do I have to worry about them?
The random letters you see are called "alleles." These are specifically for the game's breeding system. You don't have to worry about them at all, unless you're into breeding projects!

NANI by 8-BitSpider My program won't cooperate with the template! What should I do?
Unfortunately, there is not much we can do at the moment regarding art programs that don't like our imports.

NANI by 8-BitSpider Are nuances on Maned, or the base coat, allowed?
As long as the gradient remains subtle and does not resemble a marking, yes!

NANI by 8-BitSpider Can we have custom eyes?
You are allowed to customize the inside of the eyes to your liking, within reason. The iris is allowed to take over the entirety of the eye (no sclera showing). If the sclera is present, it must be white or have a very slight tint matching the eye colour.

NANI by 8-BitSpider What's the difference between genotype and phenotype?
The genotype is used for the game's breeding system. It tells admins and players what genetics the Kyota is carrying and which genes are recessive, dominant, or not there at all. The phenotype is a worded version of the genotype that tells you what the Kyota looks like.

NANI by 8-BitSpider Can we add decoration to our imports?
At the moment, we do not have items that allow import decorations.

NANI by 8-BitSpider Can the nose/eyes be shaded?
As long as the base colour of the nose or eye is clear, yes!

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