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Me and my friends dressed as by KyoSohmalvr081593 Me and my friends dressed as :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 7 0 Late Nite Reading by KyoSohmalvr081593 Late Nite Reading :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 2 4 I drew this for my friend by KyoSohmalvr081593 I drew this for my friend :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 2 0 Colin Ford by KyoSohmalvr081593 Colin Ford :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 1 0 Victor Von Frankenstein by KyoSohmalvr081593 Victor Von Frankenstein :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 1 0 Michael and Hunter by KyoSohmalvr081593 Michael and Hunter :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 0 4 The Tenth Doctor by KyoSohmalvr081593 The Tenth Doctor :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 3 5 Jordan Witzigreuter Cookies and Cream by KyoSohmalvr081593 Jordan Witzigreuter Cookies and Cream :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 1 4 Coraline Wednesday Knives by KyoSohmalvr081593 Coraline Wednesday Knives :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 1 0 Me and Joey by KyoSohmalvr081593 Me and Joey :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 4 8 Christmas by KyoSohmalvr081593 Christmas :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 0 6 Jeff and Jess The Killer by KyoSohmalvr081593 Jeff and Jess The Killer :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 4 10 Boy Epic by KyoSohmalvr081593 Boy Epic :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 4 0 Jake D. Whitesong by KyoSohmalvr081593 Jake D. Whitesong :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 2 0 Sean by KyoSohmalvr081593 Sean :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 0 0 Hunter Kirkland loves his Starbucks by KyoSohmalvr081593 Hunter Kirkland loves his Starbucks :iconkyosohmalvr081593:KyoSohmalvr081593 6 14


Holy Crabcakes- it's May?!?
So, it's suddenly May? When did THAT happen? o.O
On the bright side-- that means a few things.
:star: School is almost over!!
I purchased our badges today (Mine and my group-- :iconKajeayn: :iconwolfgirl13579: and :iconstealthclaw25: )
Our room has been booked for months (to ensure we got a room at the resort)
and to top it off; My cosplay came in the mail today~!
(Though no one gets any pictures until next month :P )
Not much more to say other than that.
:iconn-s-anemone:N-S-Anemone 2 1
*pops up out of snow* ~Updates~
It's been awhile my friends.
-Halloween has came and gone
-Birthday has came and gone
-Christmas has came and gone
-New Year has came and gone
:bulletgreen: :bulletred: Merry Christmas! (to those who celebrate the holiday) :bulletred: :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Happy New Year! :bulletgreen:
:star: Colossalcon!
Room has been booked
One of my cosplays has been purchased
My other cosplay will be purchased in March/April (when I have the money for it-- but only after I buy the badges I need to buy, which is 3 weekend)
I'll post pictures of these the week leading up to Colossalcon, so everyone knows what to look for Cx
The only hint I am giving is one is from Bleach (Not Unohana) and the other is from Axis Powers Hetalia (not japan)
Room has been purchased, so no worries on that.
:star: Life
most of my life has centered around school, so....
:star: Christmas
For Christmas I got a bookshelf, the whole Harry Potter book series including the fairy
:iconn-s-anemone:N-S-Anemone 2 0
Colossalcon photos update *edited*
I apologize in advance for any photospam I may have caused. I wanted to get them all up once and for all  >.< Romano (Cries) [V4] 
But yes. I now have all my colossalcon photos up (unless theres some from one year that I haven't uploaded.... dunno. I'll look around later for those ^^; )
But, for the most part-- everything from past colossalcons are up (: Naruto (Laughs) [V1] 
:EDIT - January 30:
I found the missing years photos. I didnt have many from 2012, and most the ones i got from the Naruto photoshoot werent that great, so i just uploaded one of those.  Thumbs up 
Paw Print (Purple) - F2U! Paw Print (Rainbow) - F2U! Paw Print (White) - F2U! 
:iconn-s-anemone:N-S-Anemone 1 0
Master Cosplay and Convention List
So I've been meaning to do a cosplay list, of all the cosplays I (will) have and plan-- and conventions I attend/will attend.  I'll update this as it changes; small changes I wont alert everyone-- but major changes I will alert my watchers :happybounce:
Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! = Cosplay completed, debuted
Paw Print (Lime) - F2U! = Cosplay completed, not debuted
Paw Print (Light Purple) - F2U!  = Cosplay being worked on
Paw Print (Red) - F2U! = Definitely plan to do
Paw Print (White) - F2U! = Possible Cosplay
Paw Print (Yellow) - F2U! = Retired Cosplay 
:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon:  
:iconn-s-anemone:N-S-Anemone 1 0
Gone, Gone away!
So, I think it's pretty safe to say DeviantArt is becoming a dying platform. Between the virus' it gives so many users and just the rather unfriendly uploading system I've been noticing less and less people actually hanging around. I'll still upload periodically--mostly whenever I've found myself falling in love with a new picture or when I get a new costume, but I'll be far more active on my Facebook page ( ) just because of how easy it is to use and upload to. 
I've been thinking about trying to use Cospix more actively as well and will let you know if anything becomes of that. Link here:
Thanks for everyone's support and I hope it doesn't feel too much like I'm leaving you all. Haha! I'm still around for sure and will be cosplaying for years to come I'm positive. (Addictions are hard to break, right?)
:iconsolograyson:SoloGrayson 3 9
Etsy Account Officially Open!
Hey guys! I finally have my Etsy account set up and ready for business. You can find it here:
Okay, let me be honest: the reason I made an Etsy shop is because I need a way to pay rent. Guess and I are living in an apartment near our college campus, and I needed to find a way to manage school while also having some type of income. At the beginning of this school year I was hired at a college book store, but had to quit due to personal health problems. I'm trying to make ends meet in the best way for me-- by making things and exploring a little. It's nerve-wracking, wondering if anyone will be interested. Thanks to you guys I have a little more confidence by your positive response to the poll I posted a while back! So I'm throwing myself in head-first, hoping you'll be interested!
If you have any suggestions or questions, please message
:iconrhymelawliet:RhymeLawliet 8 38
Elsa on it's way
I've been working super diligently on my Elsa cosplay.  For updates please follow me on facebook:
One of the most important parts of a cosplay is the wig.  A bad wig can ruin all your great work.  So please think carefully on what you are going to do for the wig.  For this one I wanted a wig that would be as nice as the cosplay I'm making so I commissioned one.
If you are working on your own  Elsa(or any cosplay) please consider commissioning :iconsupernovadobe: for a wig.  You can watch this tutorial to see how awesome her work is: 
She also does all the other characters(for anything, ever).  So if you are looking for someone to make a wig please contact her. 
My group:
Group Members:
:iconaehale: :iconwigaddict: :iconchima:
Groups I have collabed with
:iconkoicosplay: :iconlvl99-cosplay:
People I collab with/friends:
:iconalcblueyes: :iconraven-unit: :iconblackfruitbat: :iconsu
:iconcosmic-empress:Cosmic-Empress 1 6
Officially going to Colossalcon!
wooo! im so excited! I just got my ticket online today for colossalcon :)
so, kind of the whole deal I said on tumblr: if any of my  watchers or iggy-sitting fans want to meet me and are going to this convention then they can! I will post pictures of my cosplays once I get them together. the lineup now looks like:
~America (bowtie, suspenders, dress shirt, and kakis)
~ 2p England
~ England (full uniform)
the attack on titan idea for the group I am in kind of dissolved, so im not doing that anymore.
I cant wait!!!!!! and I hope to meet at least one or two of my followers :)
:iconfoxyjoy:foxyjoy 1 1
Holy Crap, Guys! Long Time No Talk!
So I haven't been on my DA account since November ^^; Mainly due to the fact that my computer was so old that I couldn't actually open the site on the browser I had, but then I couldn't upload the browser because my OS was too old OTL ANYWAYS! I got a new computer (finally) and can now access this site. Though, I must say I am really fond of Instagram now lol 
But, yea... Totally didn't mean to take a (almost) half year break from DA. Besides computer issues, other things have been keeping me really busy. I'm definitely going to try to be more active on here and actually upload things again. And to those of you who sent me notes, I'm sorry for not replying! I have almost 1,000 notes so it's going to take me awhile to answer all of them ^^; Please be patient with me! I really do appreciate all the messages :heart: 
With that being said, Emerald City Comic Con is coming up next week! I shall be attending again.
Costume line-up:
Layla from X-Factor with FDP (save for Laz
:iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 6 24
Off to Disney World!
Leaving for the Happiest Place on Earth this afternoon! ^_^ I'll be inactive for about a week, so don't panic if I don't reply or something along those lines lol I'm super excited!!!
Making a little video surprise while we're there. ;)
Have a nice week! See ya real soon! (wink wink)
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 1 16
~S H E R L O C K~
Oh boy.
SO, one of my friends had been saying how awesome this show was for a while- and I was all "meh" about watching it because I hate murder mysteries and crimes. But, after Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was over- I needed a new show, and went for it.
It's incredible! I love mysteries now xD If you haven't watched this, or you're reluctant to for ANY reason, WATCH IT. I can't describe the awesomeness, it had me fangirling like crazy last night (season 2 finale, wahhhhhh Sherlock you little devil) xD Needless to say, it's one of my absolute favorite fandoms now. I can't get enough of this!!!! 
Expect Sherlock fanfiction at some point, cause I'm sure it's coming lol
Have any of you watched it so we can discuss things????? lol xD 
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 1 12
Colossalcon, Costumes, Updatess~
so colossalcon is around the corner and im still not sure exactly what im bringing lol
so far I have 2 costumes that really need shoots so ill be bringing those~
I was really looking forward to cosplaying mew lettuce this year but it looks like she will have to wait till next year due to money issues and experience related stuff T-T BUT ill be bringing back The Darkest Faerie with a twist;] taking some artistic liberties and designing a few different vers of her that are more weather appropriate for this con, im still really iffy about bringing Zarina because those wings r annoying to pack and deal with at cons but since there is a lot of open areas I should be able to get around fine:]
I recently started working for a party company sooo I get paid to cosplay characters:D and make costumes for them as well!! Currently working on Coronation Anna~
soo yea thats about it for this small updatey thingy! 
REMINDER! I have other pages you can follow by going to my main DA page
:iconartfulxxxcosplay:artfulxXxcosplay 1 0
Final Fantasy IV - Amano Version III by IrethMinllatur Final Fantasy IV - Amano Version III :iconirethminllatur:IrethMinllatur 18 4 Warrior of Light - Cecil Harvey Amano Version FFIV by IrethMinllatur Warrior of Light - Cecil Harvey Amano Version FFIV :iconirethminllatur:IrethMinllatur 42 28 Final Fantasy IV - Sunset by IrethMinllatur Final Fantasy IV - Sunset :iconirethminllatur:IrethMinllatur 107 16 On my spiderweb - xxxHolic by IrethMinllatur On my spiderweb - xxxHolic :iconirethminllatur:IrethMinllatur 38 10



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United States
My cosplay account: :iconreesespiecesgrayson:
Real Life Bestie :iconkawaii-krayons:
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Me and OUAT Peter: Merry Christmas Laddies!!!!!!!!!!
Me: I hope you guys all have fun spending time with your families
OUAT Peter: It's all about the presents
Me: Speaking of presents I got you something
OUAT Peter: Really? *grabs it and shakes it* what is it?
Me: Open it *smiles*
OUAT Peter: Ok *opens it* (It's Disney Peter Pans Hat and a Potion Bottle Necklace ->… ) Thanks Heather *smirks* the hats a lil weird looking but the necklace is cool
Me: Your welcome *smiles*
OUAT Peter: ummmm I uhhh forgot your presents *lying*
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