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Speed Paint - Cave

Just a speed paint I did at work. Started it on Monday but didn't get that far, but managed to finish it up today during my break. =)

1 1/2 hours

-round brush
-1 layer
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ohhh snap a hole!!!!!!!!! ><
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This looks great! It gives me ideas about my own work and how to draw more life like.
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love the colors and ahh everything!
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this is a great picture! :+fav:
will you ever make a painting tutorial? :? your drawings are really inspiring.
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Awesome speed paint XD great job.
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So peaceful!
It's very well done to be a speed paint,great job:)
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Wow that's amazing .. I envy your skill
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Lovely work... I like the softness of the colors and how organic it all feels.

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i really love your stuff, iv started to take more interest in more traditional work like painting and photography through my school coursework, (meaning other than manga XD) . how did you get started?
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Hmmm a lot of the things that inspired me stemmed from work that had a strong sense of color. I loved Oga Kazuo's work when I was a child (still do), and fell in love with the French and American impressionists and Pre-Raphaelites during my trips to Europe.

I actually went to art school but studied as an animation major, so I really had no paint training whatsoever. Most of what you see now is the product of studying/trial & error over the past two years.
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cool, interesting inspiration :)

I have to decide what to do for my own major this year and I'm stuck on what to decide. I'm thinking of taking animation because I love films but I hate the technical side of computers ><

thanks for your reply ^^ Can't wait for your next post! ^^
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:c Reminds me to start studying scenary...
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;____; your scenery is so awesome D: ...
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great ! I dream to do that !
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:O a speed paint? no wayy..this is amzing like the rest of your stuff, can't wait to see the finish piece.
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I don't typically think of caves as inviting, but this one is... It looks like a cool escape from the blazing sun.
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Just wonderful :heart:
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wow did you seriously paint that?? its amazing!! :)
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wow amzing detail yet it isnt crowded i really am in aure its so beauitful
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Really awesome contrast between the bright of the outside and the darkness from the inside!
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Really nice cavee.
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