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Along the coast of Fynn

... or something to that effect~. Sketch for those monday blues.

~ 4 hr (off and on)
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Excellent brushwork.
I love the beauty of the tropical beach, the sunny and slightly cloudy sky, the rock formations, and the crystal blue sea.
But what really captured my attention is the landmass and city in the distance and so many questions can spring up from it alone.
Questions such as,

"Is it an island, peninsula, or part of a larger land mass?
"Who lived/lives there?"
"Is it at this point in time abandoned, and if so, for how long?"
"What are/were the people and culture like?"
"Was/is this civilization highly advanced, ancient, modern or somewhere in between?"  
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For a second there, I thought that distant island was really Angel Island and this was alternate Sonic coast scene.
Buuut, it's very close in my mind! Been a long time since I lay eyes on top class tropical viewing around the net.
Gives me a adventurous, mellow mood to see what the place has. :D
The background does remind me of Emerald Coast in Sonic Adventure.
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart :squee: 
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Beautiful colors
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Wich software you use to make it? PS? 
If you have a online course,please tell me!
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Your painting style is one of my most favorites. :) Beautiful color palette too.
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For some reason looking at this reminds me of a track from Jak-X Combat Racing.

Its a lovely piece that would make for a nice piece to place on the wall. Lovely work.
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This reminds me of that one map from Halo.. I don't know if it was public or a custom one my brother made, but this is amazing!
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this soooooo good!!!!
ArmadaOfGhosts's avatar
Lovely. Absolutely lovely!
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beautiful place beautiful job :)
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wonderful job...........
12345Death's avatar
Looks like a level on Halo 1.
Insanepayne's avatar
Dude, it reminded me of the same thing! I know that level!
12345Death's avatar
thats my Favorite lvl. :)
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Wow, thats look very good. ^^
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Very nice job, i always love scenes like this
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