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Stony Drabbles: Jealousy
Stony(Steve Rogers/Tony Stark pairing)
Stony Adventures
Act VI: Jealousy Part I
Steve readjusted in his bar stool as he watched the two like a hawk, anger brewing in his gut. Women walked up next to him, but he waved them off. He only wanted his attention. Keeping the relationship a secret was harder than he thought.
Now that they were together, the ex-playboy was still a playboy in public. Women, men, basically everyone was still waltzing up to Tony for a chance to get noticed or lucky with a billionaire. It’s not like Steve didn’t expect this-
Alright, Steve didn’t expect this, he was too wrapped up in the perfection of the blossoming romance. Now the only thing on his mind was how he could murder someone without exactly murdering them, you know?
Steve was torn between crying and punching the guy’s smug look into next sunday. He got closer to Tony, patting his shoulder while laughing, buying him drinks for some ungodly reason, even up to offering h
:iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 2 0
Stony Drabbles: Talking Swag
Stony(Steve Rogers/Tony Stark pairing)
Stony Adventures
Act V: Talking Swag
“Bae,” Steve called to his lover.
“Never say that again.”
“What’s your beef bro? Are you throwing shade?”
“I realize this is some cruel punishment so I shall begin my regret now.”
“What’s up with you, dawg?”
“Fuck, cunt, shit, Mitt Romney, goddamn, shitass, *na kaleni, suka” he took a breath, “asssssssssssss.”
Cappy widened his eyes then narrowed them in blasé disapproval. “Tony!”
“At long last, my true love has returned.”
The blond’s scold held it’s place, causing the shorter brunette to chuckle. His significant other raised his brows in confusion.
“My witty internal banter,” Tony explains with a smug look. “I’m hilarious. Don’t mind me.” They shared a simple expressive smooch and returned to babbling about modern day nonsense.
:iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 1 0
Stony Drabbles: Boy Scout Gone Wild
Stony(Steve Rogers/Tony Stark pairing)
Stony Adventures
Act IV: Boy Scout Gone Wild
“Language,” Steve warned sternly.
“You know what’s funny? You don’t  seem to be concerned about language in the bedroom when I’m face-down in the bed.” Tony smirked.
“W-what?” His cheeks were flushed.
“You’re a christian in the streets, sailor in the sheets, Cappy. Any help, J.A.R.V.I.S?”
“Proud to be of assistance. Now playing: Boy Scout Gone Wild by Tony Stark of Stark Industries.”
The recording started to play.
“Jesus, Stark, I’m sorry.” You could hear Steve say as he broke away from the hickey-making.
“I hope to hell what you’re sorry for is stopping, and you’re about to make it up to me."
“Jesus, Tony, you—“ Steve panted, “holy fuck you’re, oh God, so good.”
“Jesus, I can’t believe how you beg for it. You’re so tight,
:iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 2 0
Stony Drabbles: Shopping(3 in 1)
Stony(Steve Rogers/Tony Stark pairing)
Stony Adventures
Act III: Shopping
“I can’t reach it,” Tony whined as his arm extended as far as it could.
“Tony, it’s jus-”
“Nope, I need it.”
“Because I wanted to make you shawarma.”
Steve smiled at the sweet gesture and decided to convince his boyfriend of another method.
“I can eat shawarma tomorrow, tonight I want to eat you.” He said it so dully with only a hint of seductive mugginess, but it got Tony to freeze for a moment.
“St-steve,” he stated unsurely then smirked and leaned in to whisper huskily.
“We can have fondue all night babe,” his voice went back to normal as he tilted back, “right after shawarma.” He once again attempted to reach the last thing on the grocery list.
“Genius, they said.” Steve chuckled and pick Tony up with a firm grip on his waist. “Can you reach it now?” He wa
:iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 1 0
Stony Drabbles: I'm In A Meeting
Stony(Steve Rogers/Tony Stark pairing)
Stony Adventures
Act II: I’m In A Meeting
Steve had not only missed the philanthropist, he needed help with the new phone he had gotten.
“Captain Ass, this has got to be the fourth time you’ve called me. I’m in a meeting.”
Tony could feel his lover’s hardened eye squint and his pout, “language.”
“My bad, let me start over. Holy smokes, gee willikiers, Cap’n. You’re ringing up my cellular device!” Steve gave a cold long glare, fumbling to put Stark on speaker. Once he mashed every button, he found the option he was shooting for, now able to fold his arms and scold through the phone.
“I-do-not talk like that.” He tried to keep his resting I am upset with you face, but it’s intensity lessened by the second. No matter how much he wanted to stay mad at his boyfriend, the only thing he could do was smile; Tony Stark is his happiness.
The inventor chuckled, p
:iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 1 0
Stony Drabbles: Happy Fourth
Stony(Steve Rogers/Tony Stark pairing)
Stony Adventures
Act I: Happy Fourth
The silence inside the tower was so thick you could cut it with a knife, accentuating the absence of daytime noises. Insomnia; maybe Tony had it because he just couldn't sleep.
Maybe it was the constant unfinished ideas throbbing in his head. Could it have been his past coming back to him each night, throbbing through the nooks and crannies of his subconsciousness? Possibly, the nightmares, those repeating terrors that made him never want to sleep again. He'd slip out of bed and come down to work on inventions, or would promise Steve that he'd be in bed a decent time, urging him to rest without him.
Steve, the perfect soldier, Mr. Right in every way, morals and all. Boy, did he score big time. It felt like paradise wasn't just a phrase for Steve to use when referring to Shwarma; it was their relationship. The billionaire had never felt larger than life, even with all of his fame and fortune and charm, unti
:iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 1 1
Colors by kyoloverxxx Colors :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 1 10 Fake Smiles by kyoloverxxx Fake Smiles :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 0 0 I Can't Wink Whatsoever by kyoloverxxx I Can't Wink Whatsoever :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 2 15 HULLO .-. by kyoloverxxx HULLO .-. :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 1 13 Depression by kyoloverxxx Depression :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 2 0 Lorena in a phase by kyoloverxxx Lorena in a phase :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 2 0 Lorena Catalina Romanev by kyoloverxxx Lorena Catalina Romanev :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 0 0 My Galaxy Collage by kyoloverxxx My Galaxy Collage :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 0 0 Stay Strong by kyoloverxxx
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Stay Strong :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 0 0
I don't know. by kyoloverxxx I don't know. :iconkyoloverxxx:kyoloverxxx 0 0


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You Think You're Cooler Than Me

“Hey, Gary?”
“Are you mad at me?”
“Well fuck, Sherlock, how long did it take you to figure that one out?”
“What did I do though?”
“Nothing, dollface. Don’t even worry about it. Let’s just watch a movie.”
He flipped on some “scary film”, but yawned in the middle because he said, “the cheap effects just turned him off.” You were quite intrigued, but really you were just as disinterested in the movie as he was. The horror just wasn’t there, it was another movie with a typical plot line. You heard him grunt in annoyance, turning your head to face him.
“You okay?”
"... It's just that any other girl would be scared by now... hiding in my arms." He mumbled the last part.

   You blushed from hearing those last words coming from him, but backed away from him almost instantly getting jealous, hoping you heard him wrong. Other girls? Meaning he snuggled with other girls, like who? "What about the other girls?"

   Be smooth, be cool. Instead of having you swoon over him like he had expected to, like he always expected to, he got back a question he wasn't sure he could answer properly and was stumbling over his words to explain himself. "A-They... I-eh... Y-You're different."

   "I-I am? How?"  Nervous pride burst from you.

   "I-I didn't actually mean it like that. Everyone’s different, I just…Stop looking at me like that!” Chill Gary, you’re losing your cool, only she could do that to you. “Anyway, let’s watch something with James Dean in it.”
“Because he’s cool, duh!”
“Ah yeah, well that’s true,”  you nodded getting comfortable in the living room.
Stupid James Dean, probably thinks he’s cooler than me. He nearly growled at your eyes, they were practically glued to the screen. Never looks at me like that. You tried to shrug off the glare in the back of your head, but it made you uncomfortable.
“I can do that,” he mocked, obviously jealous. You thought it was cute though.
“Oh really, show me?”

   You hadn’t realized what you really said, until you looked up at the TV screen. A kiss scene was playing, a very erotic one. A smirk played on Gary’s face while embarrassment covered yours.

                                                                                      “I—I didn’t mean-”

You could only mumble inside of his mouth as his tongue ever so rudely invaded yours, but still managed to get you heated. He quickly gripped the back of your neck before you could think of pulling away, not that you were going to. You both close your eyes, the air full of raw energy. He began nibbling and sucking on your tongue, a small moan escaping your throat. He grinned almost, enjoying this more than he thought he would anything else. You tangled your fingers in his soft, silky brown locks. You felt weightless as he managed to continue lip-locking as he swooped you into his lap, getting better access. His pink muscle traveled even deeper into your longing gaping mouth, moving his hands down to stroke your back. His heart raced wildly against his ribs as his body was pressed into yours, and you were no better. The one thing you thought you could never get but always wanted, was happening. She’s a much better kisser than I had imagined her to be. This session grew to be so intense, you nearly fell apart in his arms, one of his palms fisting in your hair. He bit into your lip, and the unmistakable sound of arousal came from you both. But this had to end soon, right? It was nothing but a thing to prove you right...right?

He released you from himself, unclutching your clothes and letting you re-adjust however you would like. You stayed close to him though, cuddling into his chest, panting. “That was-”
“Shut up,” he said in a very demanding voice, but you knew he was just your typical tsundere. You sighed in content feeling his grip return to your shoulder, pushing you further next to him. There’s no fucking way I did th-she seemed to enjoy it.
The end credits came rolling in, earning a smile from Gary.
Yeah, I’m waaaay cooler.


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