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First Date [Hetalia GerIta Game]

By KyoKyo866

At last, Ludwig was able to ask his long time friend Feliciano out on a date. Everything had to be perfect, but he wasn't very sure how to go about it. With Gilbert and Francis looking over his shoulder at every moment, will he be able to conquer his nerves to be able to enjoy the romantic evening he had been waiting for?

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: E (Fluff, GerIta)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, something really super duper special! 

I was talking to my love, and we noticed that while a lot of hetalia games do a lot of ship tease, not many actually have actually legit coupled nations. So I thought, yo why not! This game is a very short visual novel style game done in RPG Maker XP, and while it is short, there is some replay value of seeing what the other talk choices are! However, it is a very linear story so don't worry about bad ends or anything! It's just a cute little experience for shipping and the what not~

Important Info:

- This is like I said made with RPG Maker XP so to make this work, you need a Run-Time Package of XP, which is located right here:…

- You need to download all of that first, and then download this game. Or else it wont work!

- IF THE GAME SAYS IT IS MISSING RGSS-RTP Standard; it means the RPG Maker XP Run-Time Package, please uninstall First Date, download that package (which can easily be found on google) and once that is downloaded reinstall First Date.

-To make fullscreen, press Alt+Enter

- If your computer cannot open a rar, downloading the free program WinRAR can help you should you decide to go that route

- You are able to Let's Play this game, please link me if you do!

- If you post pictures from this, please do credit us, or at least the artists located right below!

Title Screen was drawn by Owyn-Sama
CG Screenshots were drawn by VersusShadow
Facesets were drawn by Panic-Is-My-Rain

That's about everything! Oh! And thank you to Dignified, who really really inspired me for this from the story to making it! I love you!!~ <3

Download the game here!!:…


Let's Plays!: 
Kyokoon64 -…
Heta Spakuru -…
Hetagamer -…
Feliksia89 -…
Miyu Sakuma [Spanish] -…
Bringmemisery -…
Gamer Mandy -…
Italy Veneziano -…
Indefinite Hiatus -…
James Westbrook -…
Deadrose Gaming -…

Opening Music is Einsamkiet Music Box, arranged by The Disgruntled Composer
[found here…
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© 2015 - 2021 KyoKyo866
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me: awe, they made flower crowns together by a tree. that's so cute!

me, having dreamtalia flashbacks: oh no.. oh gawd.

is that meant to be a joke

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a little bit but its all so gross as hell and it makes the fan base look awful

Even though yeah, well, I can’t force you to like and support homosexuality, but like, why did you even comment on a fanwork that is centered around a homosexual couple? From my perspective, it seems that you’re the one in the wrong here, don’t like, don’t watch, just ignore it like what a sane person with actual proper morales would do, what did you expect in life, there’ll be at least one thing you’ll dislike. You’re the one who needs to act more mature and think about your actions before doing it. And also a bonus question, why are you even in the fandom? I get that how the concept of personified countries is very interesting and fascinating but like the whole series has a lot of hints and innuendos about homosexuality, and the fandom’s almost always full of homosexual ships.

no war or anything i actually thought it was kind of cute, do you hate gays or you just don't like the game?

Drogin1's avatar
Short answer I don't like the game.

Long answer I think homosexuality is gross as well as it being a mental illness but i do not seek ill harm to anyone who is gay.

Not mental illness as in you should be in a straight jacket or that your a harm to others and your self but a fluke in the mind, I known gay people who want to have a family and they want to love a woman but they can not have that due to there brain only making them "hard" when seeing other men.

But 100 percent with you man, I do not want a war here you seem like a pretty chill dude who seems to want to talk and not just curse me out so thanks for that :).

Phycologists disagree with your claim of it being a mental illness. That's extremely homophobic. The reason these gay people you know want that is because of society and judgmental people pressuring them to be a certain way.

Drogin1's avatar

Uh no. It is a mental illness its basic science, Think about it....A man carries sperm a Woman carries the uterus and both are sexual attractive to one another, Why?

To make Babies! To reproduce and to insure the survival of the Human race.

But someone that is sexual attractive to another member of his/her's sexuality can not reproduce.

So thus its a Mental illness! I,m offended that you would suggest that i want Homosexuals to suffer persecution this people are suffering and your making it worse not better!

There must be a cure or treatment for this, But because of Radicals like you you have forced the Medical community to bow to your whims.

You make me utterly sick!

NemoDaFeesh's avatar

Dude are you ok? You sound like you're actually the mentally ill person here. And you're the one who's making me 'utterly sick'.

Being gay isn't an illness. It's a preference people choose. People are allowed to like who they want to. It isn't for you to decide if it's normal or not.

And the other person didn't, not once, imply that you want homosexuals to suffer persecution. But I assure you, gay people aren't suffering from what you are calling a mental illness.

It is society making them confused with what's right and what's wrong. Homosexuality is not, and I mean not, a mental illness.

And over the years, this has already been established and discussed many times. It's 2020 now. Get over it already. Most of society nowadays has accepted homosexuals and others.

There is plenty evidence about this and it's ridiculous how you think, in this day and age, that homosexuality is an illness.

YOU make me, and others utterly sick.

And the fact that you call this a mental illness is very offensive. Think before you speak or type on the internet please, that'd be very appreciated by everyone.

And those gay people you know are only just trying figure things out. Nobody knows who they like until the time is right for them. They may be confused now, but in future they'll know what they want and it is for them to make that decision.

Figuring yourself out takes time and that's what they need. Time to think about who they like if they're torn between two different things.

I hope you understand. If not, well, I guess I tried.

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oh, your welcome

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You made me cry when Thank You For Being Born played in the game XD
FloofofClove's avatar
Aww that was such a sweet and cute game, thank you for making it!
shadibun's avatar
I have a problem
there's no anger reaction? something like that..
and i can't play this game..
QinthaMA's avatar
I already downloaded the file and the extension for the game but when I tried to download the game nothing happened, could somebody please help me
CreepySandi's avatar
i enjoy it. it was cutie! X3
tabaccotaco's avatar
Pumped to play this game, it looks super cute! I just finished HetaOni and I need some tooth rotting fluff. :')
Larematsu's avatar
I don't know how I noticed this only now (all thanks to tumblr). I downloaded this game, and played it once. Gosh, it's so cute. Gerita has always been one of my favourite ships, so this hit my fangirl feels well and hard. <33
VRB14's avatar
Well ain't that cute
MichelangeloHamato's avatar
is that normal that i can't open the download link Romano (Cries) [V4] 
Rinny1227's avatar
um....i have a problem,when i turn the game on there was a box show off and said unable to find file Audio/SE/002-System 02,then when i click the ok button it close the game,what should i do to play? Please help.
H-ristea's avatar
I will be playing this. XD GerIta is one of my favorite Hetalia pairings :D 
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