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Dreamtalia v5.3 (Full Game)
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Published: May 5, 2016
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A dream creature simply known as the ‘Fauchereve’ has kidnapped several nations to be part of their perfect dream paradises. However, for Italy in particular, their dreams may lead to their death. It’s up to the other nations to go in and rescue them from this nightmare in disguise.

Genre: Fantasy-Adventure RPG
Rating: T+ (Language, Violence, Gore)
Completion time: 20+ hours


Happy Dreamtalia Anniversary, everyone! This marks the beginning of the project and it's now 6 years old. With a lot of determination, patience and a fuck ton of beta-testing, the full game is now ready to be released! It's so strange how far we have come, but I can't thank you all enough

Chapters 1-50 are done, with extra bonus features to boot!

- All cards are collectible and there are 7 achievement cards to get! Can you collect them all?
- Screenshot Gallery
- Faceset Gallery
- Fanart Corner
- Lots of Lore/Character extras
- Original music

Now, we do have a few rules about it and a few bits of information about the game itself so read carefully!!


Now, we do have a few rules about it and a few bits of information about the game itself so read carefully!!

- This does not work on Mac and Chromebooks

- To backspace, press X

- Press Alt+Enter to make it full screen

- When in the Tarot Card area, press Q or W to turn the pages to see more cards

- Old saves will not work!! You need to play from the beginning!

- You must have a RPG Maker XP+VX Ace RTP (Run-Time Package) downloaded to play! (can be found here… )

- BUT You must download the RTP before you download this game or else it will not work! We recommend downloading all RTPs (XP, Ace, VX and 2003. To be safe)

IF THE GAME SAYS IT IS MISSING RGSS-RTP Standard; it means the RPG Maker XP Run-Time Package, please uninstall the game, download that package (which can easily be found on google) and once that is downloaded reinstall the game.

- If it is missing a certain sound, we are unable to help you, our only recommendation is uninstalling the game, reinstalling the RTPs and then reinstalling the game again. The game needs to be off the computer before you download the package properly

- If your computer cannot open a .rar, downloading the free program WinRAR can help you should you decide to go that route

- You are able to Let's Play and livestream this game, no need to ask permission

 If you repost any of the material of this game, please be sure to give proper credit to the game/artist!!

- If you comment about any of these things, we will not answer you! The answers are right here!

YES THIS THING IS NOT PERFECT, there may be one or two minor bugs in there but this is still a work in progress but majority there should not be anything major; but to make sure your game does not crash, follow these rules!:

- Do not press S or A during any of the cutscenes. If after a cutscene you go too slow, press A and press forward to fix it.

- For a first playthrough, be careful jumping, for that can break the game far past how I'm able

- Yes we are aware not all the text is centered or spaced correctly, no matter what we have tried this glitch won't be fixed.

Side Notes:

  • Currently there’s no way to change the party formation

  • Getting all the pure water from the spring near the Nightlife town gate is on purpose, use it to your hearts content

  • Walking on the beds in the tower is on purpose, if you click enter while on them you can get a full heal

  • Because of the saves, be aware that they are not updated with the current skills and stats+certain people’s picture. For those fresh, best start from the beginning.

Title Screen/Screenshots was drawn by Owyn-Sama (1-12), IndiMage (13-22), Pochayuuris (22-42), sophloulou (43-50)
Boss Battles were drawn by Owyn-Sama , IndiMage and Panic-Is-My-Rain 
Facesets were drawn by Panic-Is-My-Rain 
Smaller battlers, puzzle shots were drawn by IndiMage and @AdriTheUnikitty
Battlebacks were made by Skitzen , Kissuli and Panic-Is-My-Rain 
Creators of the game is Myself and Pianodream
Thank you to Skitzen for all your coding help

Thank you to all the v.5 betatesters for this game!!

More detailed credits found in the end of the game!

Should you have any major bugs, please report the problem to me!

Enjoy the game and sweet dreams~~

Should you want to support me more to make more games like this, please support my patreon or buy me a ko-fi!

Let's Plays of Full Game:
Kyokoon64 -…
Itachu Gaming -…
Tsuki Tachibana -… [Spanish]
ARIA Gaming -…
peppermix14 -……
LuneStriker246 -……
@AntiOptimusParty -…


For those with 5.2; replace the game.rgssd (the one with a piece of paper with an orange sun on it) with this…

ver 5 posted 3/12
ver 5.1 posted 3/14 (fixed gamebreaking glitches and some typos)
ver 5.2 posting 3/17 (fixed card 24, fixed battle backs for iron fortress + dark forest)
ver 5.3 posting 3/20 (fixed credits "script hanging" glitch)
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minzyninjaHobbyist General Artist

so i somehow got stuck at the toy factory. i cant get past the room. no matter what direction i take or move to it keeps kicking me out, help?

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Hello, sorry to bother you but I seem to be having a problem. I've managed to get fairly far in the game, but now I'm unable to load my save file. I get an error saying "Script 'Neo Save system' line 311: EOFError occurred. End of file reached" Do you know if there is any way to repair this? I'd rather not have to start back from the beginning.
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DragonMasterE19 General Artist

So we just defeated World for the first time and are going to continue to chase after other japan and when we went down into the snow area it gave us the popup that we were missing the audio/bgs/001-wind01 and no matter what we do we can't get that to go away when we go to that exact spot. Can we have some help?

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How do I find all the tarot cards? 
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Kolkol-chanHobbyist Writer
[Note : When I say « you », I’m talking to the whole team]
Hellooo !
I’m posting it here without knowing if you’ll see it but let’s try anyways !
I’ve just finished the game (some minutes ago I turned off my computer after getting in the bonus room - I’ll read everything next time I play it) !... And... Woaw... I have to congratulate you for all the time and energy you put into the game to make such a wonderful game !! I’m very happy I played it and I certainly will play it again, and I’ll play Dreamtalia II of course. The time I spent playing was a real pleasure. (I got a little obsessed by it to be honest. Eh, you know how to capture attention.) I won’t lie to you, you made me loudly cry more than once. But there also were beautiful, light, funny scenes that balanced well the drama !
Thank you again for this beautiful experience. All the best to you, sweet dreams (hehe~) and... I hope we get news from you soon ! 💜 Much love from a Swiss fan ~
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c0illeNew Deviant
I've tried uninstalling both the game and rpg ace three times but each time it says "Unable to find file Audio/SE/001-System01. Anyone know how to fix??
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SomeCat00New Deviant
Not sure how active this page is anymore but like everyone else i'm missing graphics and i'm not sure how to fix it, help?
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kittygamer29Student General Artist
OMG you have no idea how happy this makes me! most people would loose intrest in hetalia after all those years! i'm so glad you stuck to it and finished!!!! i've been looking for completed good hetalia fan games but there isnt many.. at lwast not that I can find. this has made my day!!!
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Hi! I have a problem with many files. At the moment with ''pasta'' it shows me ''Unable to find file Graphics/Characters/170-Door01. Even if I found this file I don't have a ''Graphics'' folder. Does anynone know how to fix it? 
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You should go to the folder of the RPG runtime time. There in the folder there should be another folder titled graphics so then you should copy the folder and then paste in the game folder where there the another game folders (System, Fonts, Audio), if you still have problems, then you probably you to find a file with a name similar with the "missing" file. I actually did this once and it worked but it is rare to find that problem, it could be possible. And just do that until the game starts working, because for my understanding the game is unable to find the standard rpg maker files, but at least those files come with the runtime package. Also sorry for my English, is not my first language.
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Where's the folder of the RPG runtime? 
Samfisebracker's avatar
It should be here C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterbrain
Samfisebracker's avatar
So it finally worked?
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I had problems but I tried to fix it, I do not know what's going to happen
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WolfiePotatoes57Hobbyist General Artist

K so I need help.

Basically It was saying the "rgss-rtp Standard not found" and I downloaded he extra thing. I downloaded it again after i downloaded the link but it's still saying the same thing and I just need help.

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it2lyStudent Digital Artist
Hi, I searched up how to fix this and al you need to do is open Game.ini (it will be in the dreamtalia game folder)
than find the word standard in the text file and remove the word 'standard' then save it.
Problem should be fixed
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WolfiePotatoes57Hobbyist General Artist

Thank you so much!

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Rory-KirklandStudent Artist
i just got a new lap top 
so my first insitinct was to download addblocker
and then it was to download this game to play it for myself for the first time ever 

uuuuuuum i dont know how to download the game

woudl someone please help talk me through how to download this game im a noob and i have no clue what im doing 
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abitobecHobbyist General Artist
everytime i try to run the game, it says "rgss-rtp Standard not found". It says it's 5.3, but i tried to download the extra thing linked and replace the game.rgssd with it and it's still not working. Im not really sure what to do
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it2lyStudent Digital Artist
Hi, I searched up how to fix this and al you need to do is open Game.ini (it will be in the dreamtalia game folder)
than find the word standard in the text file and remove the word 'standard' then save it.
Problem should be fixed
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I think there is an error in the game, in the part of the water test the game does not allow Germany to jump or something else, what can I do? PLease help :'D
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Hi! This game is so amazing so far, though I do have a bit of a problem. I just got to the part where they get to the snake's nest, but the problem is... Both my Japan and England have been knocked out by Justice, and Germany and France have low MP and HP. And I literally have no items left to heal them up. It's my fault I didn't think this through, but is there anyway I could fix this? I keep dying every time. If anyone has any advice, please let me know, thanks!

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