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American girl who does a lot of weird Hetalia stuff! Creator of Dreamtalia and Hetalia Episode 23.5, I do a lot of stuff towards that but also along the lines of whatever else like cosplaying, fanfics, the occassional drawing here or there. Who knows! Basically an all around derp girl holdin out for some praise

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Moulin Rouge
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Ace Attorney / Professor Layton
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RPG Maker Xp, Monoprice Tablet
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Video Game working, knitting
we're having a Donathon (donate-athon) for poor mental and physical health so we can get by with bills for the next few months. But in turn we have several goals for the fans! (Day 1) Link to the goal here!:
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Hey so uh, I'm in a bit of a financial pickle. You're free to skip this but I appreciate the lookie loo if you could So taxes... suck. Dig and I have been working our asses off this year, and because we made just a little more than the poverty income line... we lost out on our tax breaks and we owe about 1,500 in about two weeks time... and we definitely don't have that. We may work our asses off but they go to bills and groceries so uh... We need help. Sure in all things considered we could pay it off if we sacrifice next months salaries but uh that's.... not a nice outcome. So I am asking you guys for help, after all if every follower on here gave 1-5 dollars, I wouldn't need to worry about food for a whole year let alone this problem but... anything helps, really. If you can't donate, that's all right, if you could spread it as well. Anything helps, and your support is always appreciated. Have a good day everyone, hopefully a better day than I'm
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Mark ya calendars, it’s the Dreamtalia 10th anniversary!! I’mma celebrate it by going through it’s things with y’all and even showing off what story we have of the sequel so far! I’ll be starting on the 12th at 12 pm (PST), and you can check it out here! I’d love to see you there!
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Wow it's been so long since I checked out your gallery! I was subbed to your youtube back when I was massively into Hetalia and you honestly helped me get through the days back then. I was having a rough time at school and your vids were my favourite thing to watch! Your art is so good still, like wow!

Wishing you well,


What happen to your YouTube channel? it is gone!? I don't know how long it has but it's gone ;-; I what happen?

it was hacked into and youtube deleted it.

You probs won't read this and that totally cool but I thought I leave a comment letting you know it makes me happy that there are other Hetalians that have and still are apart of the fandom after so long. Sometimes (well most times recently) I feel very alone when talking about Hetalia or I don't feel as caught up with the rest of the fandom. I'm only 21 but still, most of the folks I shared this magic with in middle school and early highschool have moved on. I missed a few milestones during it's peak bc I got wrapped up in other fandoms (Homestuck and marvel lol) so now that I'm older I'm diving back in and reliving them years. I've even busted down and bought all the manga that I've never read and all the dvds (I was so happy to know people were still selling the 10th-anniversary boxset. I'm such a die heart for Hetalia and probs always will be since it's the first anime fandom I ever joined and it was just so fucking awesome. I love you channel and I love that you still have the energy makes me feel less alone. It also makes me feel like if a new fan comes along I can be someone to help them out navigating on how great Hetalia is. I just wanna grow old and pass down the greatness to my kids, even if that's the only anime they watch I'll be so happy to know they enjoyed it

(sorry for the ramble heh)

I'm still a recent Hetalian but I really enjoy Hetalia! I know how it feels, whenever I mention it to someone either they don't know it or have already left the fandom.