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Domon Asuka by kyokosayaka Domon Asuka :iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0 i want pride to shove his fist right up my fucking by kyokosayaka i want pride to shove his fist right up my fucking :iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0 Wo!!!!!!!!!!! by kyokosayaka Wo!!!!!!!!!!! :iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
3 am
cold and alone
stuck at home
caught in lies
why dont i die
misery and pain
heat and rain
the voices in my head
shout why arent i dead
take a pill to shut them up
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
that’s all you’ll ever be.
not even truth can set you free.
that’s all i can see.
i was talking about me.
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
Mature content
His hands gripping on so tight :iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
paranoid and scared fears eat me alive
turn my back on everyone maybe i'll survive
my heart keeps pounding blood rushing to my brain
if i keep living like this i'll go insane
losing touch with my humanity
why didn't they save me
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
It haunts me to the point where I can't sleep at night
I'm scared any minute I could instigate a fight
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
The princess is alone again.
The princess is afraid again.
Lost inside her head.
Fears the truth will spread.
The princess can't breathe.
The princess needs to leave.
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 1 0
Gundumb Tananal by kyokosayaka Gundumb Tananal :iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 1 2
Sick Amongst the Pure
i got bored and burnt a bridge
i got sad and jumped off a ridge
i got used
i got abused
what the fuck am i supposed to do
im the epitome
of what you want me to be
youre so cruel and so needy
youre disgusting and seedy
you made me cry
you made me die
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
I'm not sure if it matters
Another day stuck in the bathroom. Another day spent crying. Another day spent trying to pull myself together. Another day lying.
Sometimes I wonder
if it was for the better
Sometimes I wonder
Could I feel any deader
They got sick of me.
But who hasn't?
I can't handle myself.
Neither can my self-esteem.
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
Millie RAN outside, grabbing the teen who jumped off the ladder, and laid him out on the bench. He opened his eyes to look at her, opening his mouth to say something before she cut him off.
"It's fine, it's all a dream." She tried to assure him.
"Kyubey,"she thought."Look in the witch's lair really quick and tell me what I've got to go up against."
He ran off into the witch's lair and took a look around, surveying the area for anything she had to watch out for.
"Meet me in here. There's not one, but TWO witches- and there's hydrogen cyanide, a gas toxic to humans in the lair. Get a gasmask or something to prepare."
She ran into the store quickly, purchasing a gasmask and snapping it on as fast as she could before jumping into the portal to the lair.
"Two witches...It can't be. But what if? No-it's not them."
She finally met up with Kyubey and he followed her along the whole way. When she got through the maze and destroyed a few familiars along the way, she
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 1 0
Famous Last Words
"Hey what the FUCK did you just do to me? Why are you so tall compared to-" Vriska looked at the Aquarius troll who was towering above her.
"Well well look at the BIG, BAD, MARQUISE SPINNERETTE MINDFANG as tiny as a little spider, a worthless insect which she admires so?"
Eridan picked Vriska up with just two fingers and looked closely at her.
She was struggling as hard as she could to get out of his grip, but her efforts were in vain.
"Hey! Don't try to fuckin' escape!"
Vriska tried ignoring him as much as she could, with her primary goal being an escape plan.
"I'm talkin' to you, you worthless little insect!"
Vriska growled at him. "What did I even do to you in the first place? And why won't you fucking let me GO?"
"You've actually done nothin' wrong, you know, besides being a land-dweller, polluting the ocean with your eight ball-"
"You don't even live in the ocean, why do you give a shit if we leave our trash here? Oh yeah, that's right, you're HOPELESSLY in loooooooove with
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
Mature content
Coming Undone :iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0
I Have Friends In Holy Spaces
Left huddled up in the fetal position, injured and face red from crying, the two girls left the victors of the fight, although it was more like a jump attack on Millie. They laughed while the raven-haired girl struggled to get back up and subsequently fell down on the linoleum polished floor.
The cat like creature, Kyubey, appeared back onto her shoulders once more.
"Were they attempting to get rid of the competition?"
Millie ignored him as she finally got up and looked around for them, but they were already out of the store.
She pulled out a grief seed, used it up, and gave the husk of it to Kyubey.
"I just got jumped by those skanks! And now they know my hiding place and I'm probably gonna have to get bandages or something to cover these up. Well, getting jumped by the two people I hate my most in my life, there's no way this day could get any worse."
Suddenly she saw it out the window. A man jumping off a ladder.
"Now suddenly witches too. Oh boy."
:iconkyokosayaka:kyokosayaka 0 0


I LISTENED TO SO MUCH POP MUSIC DRAWING THIS by MoonMistFaygo I LISTENED TO SO MUCH POP MUSIC DRAWING THIS :iconmoonmistfaygo:MoonMistFaygo 5 3 gumi icon by annieIeonhardt gumi icon :iconannieieonhardt:annieIeonhardt 36 15 Cinderella by Korinchan Cinderella :iconkorinchan:Korinchan 72 5 live in multicolour by garnma live in multicolour :icongarnma:garnma 67 11 INA11: Kidou Fudou by kayoru INA11: Kidou Fudou :iconkayoru:kayoru 48 3 8-1 Fudou x Genda by splashgottaito 8-1 Fudou x Genda :iconsplashgottaito:splashgottaito 21 2 Fudou - Banana Hammock by InjoKEI Fudou - Banana Hammock :iconinjokei:InjoKEI 42 46 i11: reflection by Chancake i11: reflection :iconchancake:Chancake 373 27 IN11:Fudou by quackmire IN11:Fudou :iconquackmire:quackmire 137 9 Fudou Akio by LoveexInazuma Fudou Akio :iconloveexinazuma:LoveexInazuma 30 19




i moved to zanarkavalonic and i dont think ill ever be coming onto this acc again unless its like. for me to get drama screenshots or s/t


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kimblee- do you KNOW who i am. im pride. you work for me. how dare you think you can come into my life and FRIENDZONE me. im far more superior to you than you can fathom and all you can say to me asking you out on a date is "im not into boys that look like little kids." this is the last time we will be speaking to each other solf j. kimblee. youre dead. you have absolutely NO right to friendzone me while you're wearing that douchebag fedora of yours that makes you look like brony scum. i will end you


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kyokosayaka Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
Ah yes- of course! I don't mean all straight people- just the ones who try claiming heterophobia is a thing.
Schplitzkriegs Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I understand. I was just checking. Neither homophobia or heterophobia are good. I'm glad I'm an ally. =D 
kyokosayaka Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
Heterophobia doesn't exist. At most it's just jokes about straight people, not full-blown discrimination.
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