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Like I legit closed my legs and
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Domon Asuka
Domon Asuka
i want pride to shove his fist right up my fucking
3 am
cold and alone stuck at home caught in lies why dont i die misery and pain heat and rain the voices in my head shout why arent i dead take a pill to shut them up fuck
monster. that’s all you’ll ever be. creature. not even truth can set you free. inhuman. that’s all i can see. disgusting. i was talking about me.
paranoid and scared fears eat me alive turn my back on everyone maybe i'll survive my heart keeps pounding blood rushing to my brain if i keep living like this i'll go insane losing touch with my humanity why didn't they save me
It haunts me to the point where I can't sleep at night I'm scared any minute I could instigate a fight
The princess is alone again. The princess is afraid again. Lost inside her head. Fears the truth will spread. The princess can't breathe. The princess needs to leave.
Gundumb Tananal
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Apr 20
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i moved to zanarkavalonic ( and i dont think ill ever be coming onto this acc again unless its like. for me to get drama screenshots or s/t zanarkavalonic ( ~zanarkavalonic ( zanarkavalonic ( follow me here
the Ha look what i just took yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah im probably going to be moving to this account
lms if i should move accounts
i want an inazuma eleven username and also i want to slam dunk this account in the trash due to past drama


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Schplitzkriegs|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just want to say something.

I'm straight, you know. And I support LGBT people. I suppose you're only talking about those overly-homophobic straight people that encouraged you to do all that heterophobic thing. 

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Ah yes- of course! I don't mean all straight people- just the ones who try claiming heterophobia is a thing.
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Schplitzkriegs|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I understand. I was just checking. Neither homophobia or heterophobia are good. I'm glad I'm an ally. =D 
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Heterophobia doesn't exist. At most it's just jokes about straight people, not full-blown discrimination.
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AlphaApocalypse|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for your username! And o God! I love your username! <3
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Noiledluv|Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama!
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