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Armored ornithischian of the Jurassic, scelidosaurus.

I’ve loved this specie of dinosaur since I was a youngin,’ and it was an honor and a privilege to be able to do a restoration of it. Book and museum illustration.

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lovely animal
was this the thing that eventually lead to the likes of stegosaurus and ankylosaurus?
Lovely scute detail.
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Amazing rendering! I'm starting to see more artists going into the dinosaur themes. Perhaps it is a phase, but the good artists know how to bring them to life.
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Gnarly!  ;)
Great scalework and colours!
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There is a unique sense of enjoyment that comes with drawing a fresh representation of a dinosuar
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How 'bout Minmi?
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Awesome! Good job!
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Beautifully rendered.
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Magnificent work! :)
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So awesome! I can never get enough of great dino art :D
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Lovely work!
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I think it's great that you've been able to take your love for dinosaurs and art and translate them into scientific/museum illustrations. I always enjoy seeing your dinosaur reconstructions!
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I saw your WIP of this and I still have absolutely no clue what the process is that you go through to paint these. So many layers of color and detail! It's amazing!
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What a weird looker eh...
You go see the specimen?
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DAMN! o.o That's amazing!
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Nice scales and armor plates!
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Wow that is amazing!
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Nice work, awesome textures!
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