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Prince Of The Green

I enjoy iconographical-type imagery, if you haven't noticed. :) Whitetail deer with barn owl, corn snake, chipmunk and bobcat skull. Basic theme was nature... but you can read into it as much as you want.

10x13 acrylics
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Oh my goodness three of the cutest animals in one picture? Is it Christmas?
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece!! Holy cow! I love the composition and the colouring, for a piece that's almost 10 years old, this is phenominal!

Pleasem may I ask, I would love to have a copy of this and put it above my altar, is there anywhere where I can get a print of this? I want the money to go to you tho...! If you could provide me with a link or anything (heck, I'll pay you!) I would love a high res copy! Thank you! :heart:
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I like how everything goes in perfectly that's awesome!
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I really like what you did with the 'hands'
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Two of my fave animals in this picture! Love it! The detail is stunning :D
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I read into it a lot, thank you so much for posting your beautiful artworks. I enjoy thm soooooo much!
Pan, and a great reprisentation at that.
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ok so are you pagan? i love this horned god picture! i drew my own version i gonna upload it later
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oh my gods! its my lord herne! i wants this.......
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This is awesome! I love the vines hanging off the antlers, and those eyes are so pretty~ All the details mean there is never a shortage of things to see in this painting! You just gotta stare at it forever to take it all in. @_@

Very wonderful work! :)
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Great work with all the detailing! The colors are lovely in here as is the balance of the image.
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As someone who holds owls and deer so close to my heart, I absolutely adore this :+favelove: Your detail work and realism is amazing.
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That's gorgeous! And I thought you would have used pencils on this because that's what the texture looks like. I love the realism in this.
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aww crap acrylics?? I messed up a painting yesterday using acrylics, stupid media. <__< I don't like the acrylic paper and other types of paper don't seem to fit. :(
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Certainly an inspiring image. The details and colours are beautiful.
For some reason, the way the owl is standing, reminds me of the one out of Labyrinth.
Someday i intend to make a British wildlife kind of drawing.
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yay OoO this is cernunnos, isn't he??? *o*
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heh heh... bambi...
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I sort of became a hunter.But i'm leaning away from killing deer because that are to magical and graceful to harm.I love em.The reason i'm saying this because your picture reminded me of the beautiful nature they have.(great picture though)
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