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Geroo Design

Creature Design of the Geroo, the alien species featured in my husband's book, "Skeleton Crew." You can read the story and buy an actual copy here:
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Some of your details do contradict what RickGriffin  says about the geroo... but some good work nonetheless.
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This one was done waaaay first, I adapted mine after this
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Did they pre-exist you, then? I was under the impression they were yours.
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They are, but I didn't have a specific design in mind besides "they're like kangaroos"
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Huh. Cool. Was it inspired by any sort of mythology?
CrispBoxery's avatar
The race was created by RickGriffin  for his short story series "Ten Thousand Miles Up", which was recently rewritten and published as the first novel in a series, "Traitors, Thieves and Liars".
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I love the anatomy.The all around look of him is so well done.
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Wow a really awesome design looks a bit like a mix of a wolf and a bear.
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It reminds me a little bit of a wombat... Sweet!^^
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wow  look so excellent *-* 
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