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Dream Dancer

With the fires of imagination, he dances your dreams into motion.
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Wow. This one really speaks to me.
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its so weird yet so gorgeous I love it
KalliahVerkauf's avatar
What a gorgeous image~ <3
Instant fave, man.
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would be a great Demon-race, a species, for any nice own world and universe
ZaneSama's avatar
Oooh. This's lovely. Your character/creature designs all have such personality and chutzpa to them. You've got intelligence, artistic ability and a sense of humour all rolled into one in your art, and its delightful.
cooley's avatar
This is a lovely design, especially the head. How do you do the backgrounds? Do you use photoshop to enhance your traditional images at all?
badmrtoy's avatar
this thing is really REALLY wierd. to me it looks like it has aspects of mamals, amphibians and even a little bit of reptile that are all combioned so amazingly that it just looks scary and crazy. the darker area of his face makes him look veryy much like he is wearing a mask, and the whole expression of the face is really, well, alien. a seriousely cool work, you have some OUTSTANDING skills!
noone09's avatar
is that freeza from dragon ball z? hehe.. just kidding..=D

anyway.. great job..
Very well done. It certainly looks like something one would see in a dream. Either that or a sci-fi show. What inspired it? It's cool!
ErnCer's avatar
How poetic. I've not much else to say about it. ^^;
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What a fascinating character design. I'm blown away!! This is so great. You can draw so plastically!! It amazes me so much.
The face of the dream dancer scares me a bit. I love this... lol
Halo-Girl-Freak-Kat's avatar
holy crap........... thats awesome.
Arinoco's avatar
looks like a Kami. Beautiful
SesakaTH's avatar
:wow: That looks awesome! :clap:
passageintime's avatar
my favourite combination of colours ...

pleasure to look at!

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Gorgeous creature, he can dance in my dreams whenever he wants. ^^
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Oh, wow. That's an amazing little creation..... So amazingly alien. It rules...

NeonXenomorph's avatar
Always knew dream weavers would look interesting...^^
Dunno if it would apply to a male but he is beautiful. I love how smooth he looks.
LilGraver's avatar
going on favs!!!!!
profke's avatar
out of this world! :star:
avlblu's avatar
It's beautiful in an odd sort of creepy, eerie, awesome sort of way. Especially the appendages and the face is just creepy looking in that kind of perfection sort of way...(yes, I make no sense) Well, awesome job.
sketchymurr's avatar
OooOOooo... I don't know whether to be afeared, or to be obsessed oO;
million-knives's avatar
Just beautiful! i love your work and style!
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