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Cryolophosaurus ellioti

For the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra, Australia

Cryolophosaurus was a 20 ft long theropod that lived in Antarctica. Although the continent was higher up and warmer back then, it still was in the arctic circle, and most likely had snowy winters. I couldn't stop myself from giving him fuzzy feet, although it's just artistic speculation.

image roughly 11x14 acrylics
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So ahead of its time! Years later feathers & beak confirmed on large theropods.
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This one looks better more than Yutyrannus with fluffy coats that adapted cold-envierment. An especially also it was possibly Dilophosauridea member, it means more close relative of Dilophosaurus than to Carnosauria as possible.
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I LOVE IT!!! he is so beautiful i wish i was as good and the fluffy\snowshoe foot design is just stunning when i start posting deviations and you see them you will probably laugh out loud i suck i think i suck because i am only nine i used my mom's birth date to get in but according to my mom i am expert for my age sometimes i actually feel that way myself but i truly humble at this great piece of art
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im passionately in love with this piece :D
omg its beautiful and looks so real.
im a zookeeper as a day job, and this looks like
something id expect to be mucking out!!!!
wow its incredible! :P:P
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Oh, that's awesome~ I love the texture and the color scheme.
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I don't think there is evidence of Crylophosaurus having feathers, but this is great none the less.
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Awsome concept with the feet
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That's really good! I can almost imagine it stalking through Jurassic Antarctica...uh-oh, it's heading towards me...(Screams and runs very fast)
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this is nice, its interesting though that you made its feet fruy/feathery too!
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great job! I like all of your dinosaurs
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wow, youve got some amazing pics! :)
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Oh...he is beautiful! I love how furry he looks! Yes...even the feet. But I completely believe they would have been fluffy-like. Warm feathers for those wintry times. Presently my favorite dinosaur and you do him SO much justice!!!

-Erin ^_^
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Awww...he looks so cute with his fuzzy feet and short arms! Anyway, very awesome picture and detail. +fav!

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Thjat's so cute! ^^
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I've heard of T-rex sort of Dino that also lived in Antartica. I didn't kno wat other lived there at the time, and now it makes 2 dinos so far, lol. Nice drawing though!
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wow, these are amazing.. do you draw te pictures for the museum?
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of course he had to have fuzzy feet.... it looks really good on him... ^_^
That's just a brilliant dinosaur drawing *sighs*
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Wow, your eye for detail is amazing! I couldn't imagine myself getting that amount of detail in the fur, especially with acrylics...Heheh. Wonderful work! :clap:
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Man, you have no idea how much I love dinosaurs!! So you should know I really like your art works withdinosaurs. This is awsome!
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For the national Museum in Canberra eh? I might have to go there and have a looksie. I think its one of the few museums in australia I havent been to. I went to the melbourne one recently and enjoyed their Dinosaurs From China Display, among the rest of their dino displays. .. Just not enough Dinosaur Stuff around here me says! Very well done. Love then enrgy you give to your paleo drawings (and everythign else!)
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This is so awesome! And the amount of detail...O_O
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I love dinosaurs. *drool*
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