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Council Of Fangs

It's like a rainbow of snarly faces!

They're still debating which part of you is the most delicious.


This painting is available as a t-shirt!

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© 2011 - 2021 kyoht
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Hi Kyoht! I was wondering if I could use this wonderful artwork of yours as a banner for a page I'm making, located on this website, Proper credit would be given, no alterations would be made, if yes. If not, that is totally fine and understandable. As I know, you have worked really hard on this art. But let me just say, I love your style of art and how you portray it, so kudos to you.
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I absolutely love that red wolf on the far left, he is just so gorgeous! I love how you style your wolves, its very fluffy and scary all at once. :D
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The glowy eyes make these nicely creepy
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this is awesome!!!
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Meh, they'll probably accomplish more than congress...
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Amazing! I love it!♥♥♥
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This is actually Saqeefah and the chaos and power struggle that took place on that day
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Holy mother of god woman,why can you draw werewolves so damn good?!
:icony-u-noplz: TELL ME! I MUST KNOW THY SECRET!!!
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Oh my goodness! Scary. O.O
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OMG I want a t shirt with this on it!
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Thank you for this. I'm so falling in love with your work. And glad to see so much traditional art.
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my current wallpaper!!! :D
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Your style of werewolves reminds me of Van Helsing werewolves (best version ever).
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Excellent. Reminds me a bit of the ending of "The Howling". You ever see that?
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Nice illustration!
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They're kind of cute, even though they're soooo angry :) Nice
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Awww, they are so cute and cuddly...oh, just kidding:-) Their expressions are veery scary - love the impact of this work.
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I Just love your style of werewolves!
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