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Cougars Lesson

By kyoht
Content inspired by an experience I had a few weeks ago. Composition heavily influenced by Susan Seddon Boulet.
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Incredible and breathtakingly beautiful!
Greenmelona's avatar
I love how draw a lot from nature and make it really creative!
RukahTsubasa's avatar
my gosh! its masterful! great coloring, composition, your amazing^^
sunshynne's avatar
I've always loved this picture--especially since the cougar is one of my animal totems :)
I didn't know if you knew or not, but someone got an image very similar to this one as a tattoo: [link]
Aimelle's avatar
the colors are so dreamy ... beautiful composition
Wishmaker-kc's avatar
again .. a Native feel :)
Pumakitten's avatar
I absolutely adore this. It shows Cougars infinate wisdom and guidence. I love your work. The attention to detail is phenominal! Cougar seems to say...Now.....have you learned what was needful? Cougar is just one of my spirit guides. along with Heron, Dragonfly and Redtail. You are truly blessed with talent, kyote!
fiery-bliss's avatar
I love it cougars are awsome
megarathewarrior's avatar
Oh, I love cougars! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! :+fav:
BlueLiquorice's avatar
great job - i love this image
artmagic99's avatar
I love all of your work. It is so beautiful!
WatergazerWolf's avatar
The eye is what really draws me in. I like how you portrayed the roundness and realness of what that angle would appear like. I also like the perfectly round feel of the paws.
bohemian22's avatar
Lovely, I love the moon phases feathers and native american feel.
lissavk's avatar
Omg, so lovely, definitely a :+fav:! I really hope you'll do more artwork in this style in the future, it is seriously awesomeness:D
Kyohtee's avatar
Very beautiful! I love the fur. The whole idea and meaning of this picture is nice.
MysticMantra's avatar
This is really nice. You should think about designing some medicine cards, or try to sell some of your artwork like this one to be used on medicine cards. It would look really nice. the cougar, I believe, symbolizes leadership in native american traditions. very cool!
elvyrus's avatar
What was the experience that inspired you to do this?
fox-trot's avatar
Jah, this ones ma fave I think, heh, kitty :)
kalix's avatar
I love this!
BLaDeRaVeN09's avatar
Ah! Cougars are very beautiful, to me. On most "what animal are you?" quizzes that's what I get. Also, according to another online quiz, the tarot card that represents me is "The Moon" card. Heh, enough about my obsession with online quizes! This is beautiful! I love the powerful paw and tail and the eye looks perfect! I can even see little swirlies in the sky! Those give it a lovely, yet subtle effect. You are so great at drawing this stuff! :dance:
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thats a good work..
how u paint ur works?!

SilvyrDragon's avatar
I really like your art. This picture is no exception. The effect with the moon is awesome and of course I love the kitty. I'm adding it to my slowly growing collection of favorites.
orcqueen's avatar
This is beautiful. What medium is this done in. Coloured pencils?
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