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Myers vs Myers

By Kyohazard
Mocked up boxing poster of the original Halloween Michael vs the Rob Zombie remake Halloween Michael. 
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© 2016 - 2021 Kyohazard
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I feel like RZ Michael would win with his height and strength
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I like Rob Zombie's Myers but John Carpenter's Myers is better.
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Love this! Gonna share on our site ( and social media (with credit of course)! 
Zombilein's avatar
I, too think the original Myers would win. Zombie Myers may be freakishly tall, but what made the original so scary is the fact, that he is average in size. He could blend in perfectly. And despite being average sized he still seemed inhumanely strong.
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Good work, looks great!
I think the original Michael would win
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I would have thought so too but last weekend I met Tyler Mane. Dude is scary large :)
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True xD but I feel like the original Michael would have a better edge because he's a lot more quiet
Kyohazard's avatar
Fair enough :) Also a lot more unrelenting
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