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Life on Mars: Season 2



So (as mentioned before) I am a big fan of the American Life On Mars. Like Firefly I am NOT getting more so I am just gonna draw what I would like to see. At least Firefly gets intermittent comics. LoM doesn't (Although the UK version got a followup series and now novels) maybe we can change that!

I've been watching (the first episode so far) of Vegas, Jason O'Mara's new show. I like to think that the new show is just Sam's trip home implant.

AWESOME UPDATE: Jason O'Mara Retweeted my tweet about this drawing. How awesome is that?

I tweaked the background. added the Aries logo
double tweaked. moved Sam more into the foreground. put the aries logo on a file folder. Remember back in the day before computers where if you didn't like it, you had to do the WHOLE THING over again? I am old!
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I always thought LoM should have had a comic, they could do stories that just wouldn't be possible on TV (mass riots at recognisable landmarks, etc). But British comics are fucked, so there's no chance. The best we got was a book about the production of the series, with a "funny" fake annual cover under the dustjacket.