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Faked up 60's style toy advertisement for the Hellraiser Box. Well I thought it was funny. :)
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This brings me joy!
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Awesome. Thank you. I do sell prints over at /shameless plug/ :)
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This is wonderful.   :D
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Wasnt 60s when Pinhead actually first recieved the puzzle box?  or was that the 40s?
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World war 1 actually :) 
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Thanks, it been a while
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Me too, the first movie is the only one I revisit. I just happened to remember that bit. :)
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Hellraiser 2 has it's charms.
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They all had something worthwhile, (Well I don't know about the LAST one without Doug Bradley, Never even bothered with that one) I even enjoyed the Pinhead in Space! :) 
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The last one is painful to sit through.  & not in a good way.

I can't even describe it, my brain literally blanked out most the memorys after seeing it.

All i remeber is Pinhead  a different guy,  then he makes another pinhead from 1 of the teenage characters.

And Pinhead in Space, yeah that concept had legs, shame wasn't saves ironically, since Bloodlines, was originally planned to have more in the past,  and Angelique's introduction was different, having her actually create her own cenobites....  pinhead wasnt ment to show up to way later in the film (as to reflect his position in the timeline) but the studio stepped in, since Pinhead was the Mascot (so to speak)

Imagine if  Hellraiser in the future was its own film (but not a comedy like Jason X)  Pinhead proving that no mater how far man kind "evolves" it still vunerable to same failings & heck im sure the future opens up all manor of perversions.... heck desensitisation would me, people would be unalarmed by the cenobites at first glance.... making them even more a danger.
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Maybe I should binge the lot! :)
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XD Yes, just yes
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I'm glad you approve :)
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This is freaking awesome xD
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Love the address to send payment to.
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I love that you noticed :)
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Very nice! It really looks the part of a 1960s comic ad! 
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