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If you don't get the joke you're too young! I REALLY couldn't believe nobody has done this joke before. At least not that an extensive google search provided. Sorry but Hawkeye is always Alan Alda.
Big Props to Mike (Hawkstone) Rieger [link] for the help out on the vectorized top logo.
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LOL on Iron Man's remark. :D
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This is brilliant! Everyone's expressions are perfect
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Omygoodness!  This is so perfect for Hawkeye!  Ironman really sells it too with his disgruntled line!  You drew Hawkeye really well too, his pose I really like!
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You're welcome! 
Oh, I showed this to my mom and she thinks it's brilliant.:D
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This is amazing. I don't know if you deserve a medal or a Section 8 for comic up with this 
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thanks! I think the section 8 is long past. :)

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OMG! This made my day!
oh god this is so hilarious! I'm laughing here with my mom, she got me into the show XD Oh god, i just died of bliss! Thank you for that!
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You're welcome :)
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As both a huge Marvel fan AND a huge M*A*S*H fan, this makes me inordinately happy.
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Success is mine! thanks
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:rofl: I'm WAY too young for the show, but I love it! Nice job!
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Thanks, They are DVD available. You should get em.
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My mom doesn't like the show much and I don't have much money, but I have one season so far... :P

You're very welcome!
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Heh, way cool! Guess Clint's gotta call himself Hawkeye II. now. :D
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Which actually gives me an idea for my own Avengers fan fic. Thanks! *beaming*
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