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Wilson - Breloom
Gender : Male
Nature : Modest
Trait : Good Perseverance
Ability : Poison Heal
Sky Uppercut | Giga Drain | Stone Edge | Stun Spores
Stats :
Strength 3/5 (+1 bonus)
Intelligence 4/5 
Agility 3/5
Charisma 2/5 (+1 bonus)
Inventory : Red Bow-tie

Info: Wilson has a passion for relic and ancient things, one reason for his stay in Andalust but sometimes he doesn't like to be with noisy company except with his most close friend and assistant Missy, maybe he's a bit reserved and well educated he wants to live with more action and discover more about the ruins or dungeons that are below the surface who knows. 


Missy - Trapinch
Gender : Female
Nature : Adamant
Trait : Somewhat Stubborn
Ability : Arena Trap
Earth Power / Dig / Crunch / Protect
Stats :
Strength 4/5 (+2 bonus)
Intelligence 3/5
Agility 2/5
Charisma 3/5
Inventory : Pink Bow

Info: Missy's curiosity made her to accompany and help Wilson to learn more about the past and science, commonly she tends to hide on the ground and munch things with his jaw, she can be grumpy but also a sweetheart in helping others.
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