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Sona fanart

Sona rework done!  H-res/lineart/costume/nude/psd.
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I second Janvill on the skin tone.  The leotard colour complements her skin and hair very well,  but the best part - for me - is your subtle but errrotic use of transparency to show how her breasts stretch the fabric and emphasise how shapely they are, while allowing her nipples to be very subtle but insistent in shape and colour.
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awesome! love the skin tone.:)
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Oh this is something very nice! Great stuff here!
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From a long-time fan and loyal Sona lover, thank you Kyo!
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Looks great, good job
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oh gosh dat juicy and firm tits like quinces
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I love it :3 !
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The legs are sooooo nice!
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wish it was whole body since you draw 10/10 legs and feet

can't wait for Diana rework... this will be huge change :D
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Beautiful, sexy, cute and adorable, no need to say more. ;)
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Its impressive :lovelyeyes: 
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I'm liking the mesh!
Also, nice job with the face~
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I don't know what it is about sheer clothing. It's so much more attractive than fully nude to me.
Maybe I'm just crazy.
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haha, true! I think the same 
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