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my Etsy store for canvas!…

my commission is open again.

here are the new details.

Single pieces

Line works (inked) : 30$ per character
 full body (may vary if character incomplete in the picture)

katsucon 2k14 maid costume by kyocsPersona 5 by kyocs

toned/grey scale : 40$ per character

Spice and wolf by kyocssecret love chapter 3 cover by kyocs

full color : 50$ per character (can be cell or paint) (provide simple backgrounds)

Space Dandy by kyocsCover for Heart of paradise by kyocsPersona 5 by kyocsDFO demon slayer by kyocsRemu and ramu by kyocs

background paints : 60-80$ (nature vs structure/mechanical)

can insert small characters, insert detail character will have addtional cost, may vary depend on size.
new avatar by kyocsinterior of nedah church by kyocsstroll to nedah church by kyocscover art for Sin Seven by kyocs
Vc Classroom by kyocsnew background image by kyocstowards nedah church by kyocs
DFO elven knight by kyocsyour lie in april by kyocsApp end Miku by kyocs

Manga pages 

line works : 50$ pg

hikari no cross line works by kyocscover for Anubis Prophecy vol III by kyocssecret love line works by kyocs

toned works : 60$ pg

Requiem pages by kyocslong gone pg 11 by kyocsHikari no cross page by kyocs[My Guardian Angel] sample pages by kyocs[My Guardian Angel] sample pages 2 by kyocs
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Are you still open?
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yep, you have to note me, i didn't check msg everyday XD