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By kyo-tux
Hi everyone :)

Just wanted to tell you that I was interviewed by Gert Jan aka SoundForge some days ago.You can check the interview here.

For last couple of days, I have been working on some icons:

What do you think?
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Hi, please send me your email, I am looking for designers.
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send me your email let's do some freelance.
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Great interview and your icons are nice as always, like the both :thumbsup:
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Nice icons mate ;D
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great work and very nice interview! I enjoy it! :)
And I enjoy your works too!
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glad to know that :D
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congrats & great :D
kyo-tux's avatar
mehrbani saayen :D
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sain kayee gall e nahey :D
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Cool! Good Luck.
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informative interview and nice WIP icons :)
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what do we think? oh c'mon man! make it fast and release the new icons XD Awesome news bro! It's just the start for much bigger things :)
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thanks bro :) the icons will be released soon so stay tuned ;)
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Nice interview. And that new set looks great. The map and location pin icons are gorgeous! :)
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glad you like them :)
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cool interview! i've actually read the whole thing :D

oh, that new set you're working on - looks great so far!
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much appreciated :bow:
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Great work with those icons, specailly the gps one, like that :)
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