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I will now be accepting commissions! Here's what you need to know about them.


  • You MAY NOT make prints or merchandise or resell the original digital image
  • You MAY NOT Re-upload or edit or otherwise use the image without my EXPRESS permission.
  • I reserve all rights to the final artwork
  • I reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE for ANY REASON
  • Once payment is received there are NO REFUNDS
  • Requests will be lower priority than Commissions. As such, ALL commissions come first, and requests will not be of the same quality as a full commission.

You Shall Receive

  • Low Resolution and High Resolution JPG files
  • Other file types upon request
  • PSD with full layers for an additional $5

How To Order

  1. Contact me via Deviant Art, Patreon, Picarto, or Discord.
  2. Send references (visual or description)
  3. Payment upon completion of preliminary sketch confirmation via paypal

You can find a fun lookin' representation of the below information here (needs to be updated) ---> Commission Info by Kynum

Art Options

Base Options

  • Headshot - $10
  • Bust- $15
  • Full Body - $20

Color Options

  • Add Quick Monochromatic Shading - Additional $5
  • Add Flat Color - Additional $10
  • Add Full Color - Additional $10 (stacks with flat color for a total of an additional $20)

Background Options

  • Solid Color or Simple Gradient Background - $0 Free
  • Abstract Shapes Background - $5
  • Detail Oriented Background - $5-$20 (depending on complexity)

Additional Additionals

  • Additional Characters - $10 each
  • Tee Shirt Print - $30 + Shipping
  • Glossy Vinyl Stickers - Starts at $40) + Shipping
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November 4, 2017


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