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Kynum Ref by Kynum Kynum Ref by Kynum
I realized that I didn't have a proper reference for Kynum, so I decided to make one. Here 'tis.

Kynum likes swords a lot. He's a nekomimi, of course. He trains an inordinate amount with blades of all kinds. He's not exactly the sharpest sword in the armory, though. For example, if someone uses a phrase that he's not familiar with, he'll usually understand it in a literal way. "Drinks are on the house!" ~Kynum finds his way to the roof~

Though he doesn't know it, Kynum has the favor of the Goddess of Blades, who has bestowed upon him her symbol in the form of a pendant. Kynum just thinks he found a pretty necklace.

He sees swordplay as exactly that. He's playing with his opponents. Not really trying to kill them. It's more of a dance for him. Sometimes he gets disappointed when his dance partners don't know the moves very well. 
Kynum would totally handicap himself, if he thought it would prolong the dance.

Likes flowy things. Cloaks, scarves, hair; anything that catches the wind just right, and follows its bearer's movements captures his attention. LOVES lightsabers. They're really pretty, make a cool noise, and can cut through pretty much anything. Only problem with them is that if they're set to normal burn-through-everything power, any swordplay can be cut short (hehe...). If anything like a lightsaber is available to him, he'll try to find a way to turn the power down so it's just a pretty dueling stick. Not that he knows anything about electronics. Or science.

Kynum is copyrighted as of 2017 (if not sooner) by myself, Brandon Hood. DO NOT CLAIM THIS CHARACTER OR ART AS YOUR OWN. THEY ARE NOT YOURS. 
Bayrain Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't find the words to describe how majestic this is....Wait there's one
Kynum Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D (Big Grin) 
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