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Still alive and kickin'! I guess
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Contemplating on whether or not...

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So, hi! I don't even know if anyone even checks here anymore. But, yeah, hi! How are you guys??

Okay, so a lot has happened within the span of... shit, IDK how many years since I WAS active in the art world.

So, to summarize my life during that time I was out, in a nutshell; My dad got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in Feb 2019. My boyfriend (now, husband) decided to push the marriage we planned for 2020 to Sept 2019. I left my job at GameStop of 5 years, and landed a job after moving to NY. Dad's cancer has spread to his spine, and eventually throughout his whole body. He passed away on his hospital bed in Feb 2020, almost a full year after he was diagnosed. Global pandemic hit NY and my work hours got cut from an average of 40 hours down to 14 hours. So between working the little hours I managed to snag, helping my mom out back in PA, and also helping out my husband and his parents. I was slowly drawing again, and that's when my spark and motivation slowly came back.

And here I am. I know that summary got grim pretty quick, but I aim to move forward and keeping things on a positive note. Especially with how 2020 is now, shit.

To which brings me to debating on whether or not I should just continue using this account, or just make a brand new one and start fresh?

Either way, I'll think on it. I hope you guys are doing alright. I do miss dA. Just need to really take a bit to process all these changes here.

In the meantime, you can follow me on:

Take care! <3

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FurAffinity and my status with DA.

2 min read

Should've added this few weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to do so (my bad) ;_;

Very few may have noticed this, but I decided to start using FurAffinity and I really like how the community is there compared to the community here. I'm not gonna quit DA, just less active. I'm only uploading finished works here, so no sketches, doodles, wips, etc. Well, in the future, I will also hold auctions here as well and not just in FA.

So, if you have a FurAffinity account, go ahead and watch me there

:star: TUMBLR :star: FACEBOOK :star: FURAFFINITY:star: LIVESTREAM :star: INSTAGRAM :star: TWITTER :star:

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1 min read
hi. how you guys doing? i miss you.

i'm still checking dA every few days or so. i'm more active on Tumblr and FB.

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Livestream today! :0

1 min read
What the title says. I'm gonna host one later today at 4 PM EST. I'll be lining a pretty small sized sketch today. Hope to see you guys there~ :>

---> <---

[[EDIT]] Streaming is over. Thanks to those for joining and having to put up with my music playlist for 3 hours~ -w-; I'm gonna go take a break and then I'll finish coloring. Not sure if I'll do another streaming for that, but if I do, I'll obviously let you guys know. :3

If you missed it and want to watch it, go here -->

:star: TUMBLR :star: FACEBOOK :star: LIVESTREAM :star: INSTAGRAM :star: TWITTER :star:
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Working on it.

2 min read
Slowly, but surely, getting myself back into drawing as much as I used to do YEARS ago. And the only excuse I can just throw out is basically saying that "life is a bitch". I know I won't have as much time as I used to back in my high school days (those were good times, minus the homework and exams), but I will make the best of it.

I'm deciding to only upload "finished" artworks in my dA account. I'll move all my old works in separate folders for safe keeping. And I'll update stuff on my Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram (most of the drawings I upload there are mainly sketches from my sketchbook, and whenever I'm not at home) quite frequently.

Again, I'm STILL trying to used to all these new changes that dA has made since then. And I don't know why, and I'm probably not the only one whose feeling the same with this, but all these changes are pretty much turning me off (in a non-dirty way, mind you ._.'). One thing I'm definitely gonna do here is to clear up ALL my messages (5,058 messages, wtf! X_X').

Anyway, I'll hit you guys up later. Love you all~ :heart:

:star: TUMBLR :star: FACEBOOK :star: LIVESTREAM :star: INSTAGRAM :star: TWITTER :star:
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